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We must rise like biscuits

The spirit woke me up at 4:30a this morning. The morning tune that blared in my mental subconscious sang, “We’re broken down and tired, living life like a merry-go-round.” I have to admit that I chuckled at the creator’s goal with this. 

 I promised to write back to my SG Peeps and I knew that there would be uncertainty today. Before I went to bed, having intentionally watched nothing regarding the election, I struggled with knowing what to say. Thankfully, as the saying goes, "he’s not here when you want him, he’s right on time." 

My former pastor Rev. William Green has this sermon about a biscuit. At first listen, you’re thinking where is he going with this story?? He details how a biscuit is created, a little love and attention with the ingredients, then they’re combined and rolled or kneaded, cut into sections, or dropped. Then of course placed in the oven. He mentions all this for a few reasons, namely because there is a process before rising. 

The biscuit having already been manipulated is flat or underdeveloped. If it had a feeling, I'd assume it was a little anxious and undefeated. Until of course, it is placed in the oven and exposed to more, calamity. The tension and heat required are undoubtedly uncomfortable, but it’s also necessary to rise! Did you follow that? Without the pressure and the heat, the biscuit cannot fully be a biscuit. Prior to the adversity of the baking process, it's essence is just flour baking powder, salt, and etc. The heat has to happen, the struggle has to happen. It is according to the process. 

By now you’re probably trying to figure out why both the song and the biscuit story matter today? While there is a considerable amount of uncertainty right now, it sets us up with a unique opportunity to rise. To not be affirmed by a lack of choice. To not be a victim of our circumstances. To not accept defeat. The fact still remains that you, the person, reading this, still has an opportunity to be better. You can help the unfortunate, fortify your community,  and do good in this world for a better tomorrow. I firmly believe we must take care of our health. Count our blessings, and rise up, for the 1,000th time. Again. 

The battle currently being waged in the battleground states doesn’t entirely affect the battle of the soul, and you can still make an impact. It’s okay to be tired today. But there are people who really need you. They need you to create, they need your love, and they need the uniqueness of your personhood. You matter. No polls or election results can change this. Enjoy some life today friends. 

Your forever cheerleader, Capt SistaGurl


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