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SG Girl's Love Hip-Hop: Featuring The Blk Cinema

By Felicia Clark Soulful, smooth hip hop melodies that read like a movie script. A script that is thought-provoking as equally as it is relaxing. That’s the vibe that is given by The Blk Cinema. Which consists of members, Kelvy (Kelvin Wilson), and Lenny (Leonard Anton Gary). Both are Chicago natives with a sound that is equally as Chi-City as it is international. Their song, “Leave”, starts with a snippet from the show Martin from the famous break-up scene between Martin and Gina. The verse, “I’m sorry bae but we gotta leave”, discusses that no matter how much you may love someone, when a relationship has run its course, sometimes you just gotta “ Leave ”. Words that have a universal understanding for anyone, anywhere who has loved and lost. The full body of the tracklist toggles between subjects and scenarios that are equipped with emotional depth and powerful lyrical agility. The SistaGurl Blog caught up with The Blk Cinema to discuss their background and what brought them to becom