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Has Social Media Bested Our Confidence?

By Capt Sista Gurl,
Good Morning Friends! Seeing that it's Thursday, I figured I'd post a throwback! I wrote this way back in February 2020, you know, pre-corona, when life was vastly different. However, the fact still remains, social media has bested our confidence many a day, and we can always use a post like this.

The allure of social media provides our senses with the notion that fairytales come true. It can show us things like the beautiful girl with the perfect waistline, smiling her perfect smile living her life as your favorite entrepreneur, standing shoulder to shoulder with all the stars of your dreams. It shows us that the once ridiculed guy in your Chemistry class in high school now owns a sports car, has 2.5 children, a perfectly adoring wife, and let’s face it, you never expected that weirdo to look like that, it never dawned on you that he could grow a beard and afford expensive cologne! 

Often times if you live outside the confines of what is deemed “Social Media” perfect, your daily scrolls down newsfeeds and timelines have effects on you that you wouldn’t expect. Because sometimes social media can just be TOO MUCH. Too over stimulating with perfection. 

It can leave you feeling that you’re life doesn’t measure up. Even on the smallest scale it can seem like everyone is winning but you, right? The common denominator of your misfortune must be something you must have missed that caused you to be so mediocre? We’ve all felt the pain of an Instagram dream deferred. It’s completely natural. The most self-assured person can feel the strain of the perfect images that are portrayed by the minute. I am writing this just to let you know that you’re not alone in this thought process. 

To be so connected to everyone you’ve ever known can also breed a level of isolation that I’m not sure any of us expected to experience. I want to help, and also really reiterate that I completely get it. Even my own social media profile looks like I have this BRILLIANT life. Filled with a boatload of confidence, plenty of opened doors, and energy in abundance. 

Can I be real? 

That’s a damn lie y’all. Yes, those things actually do happen to me, but everything before and after that is not as glamorous by any means. I rarely report anything on social media that is dark. 

Mainly because I’m well aware that light is my brand. I accepted the task to assert as much positivity as possible because that’s how I want my followers to see me. (Superhero complex, we talked about this before too). 

What I and a lot of people are giving you is a snapshot of their BEST SHARABLE MOMENTS. Those words are so vital to what I’m saying, that I will repeat them. A. SNAPSHOT. Of some of the BEST. SHARABLE. MOMENTS. 

It’s ironic that we live in the age of transparency but spend hours in our week, ingesting things on our phones that are far from that. 

Even the people who report to their pages and share real experiences are not giving you a complete synopsis of what is really going on. This is exactly why you wonder why the saddest person on social media gets the most attention. That can often be intentional. Empaths are everywhere and there are actually people who know that real emotions can be manipulated in a fake place!  

So I offer this. Take a break from this fake place also known as the internet. Beat yourself up a bit less. Understand that social media is a giant rose-colored lens and just keep moving forward. Don’t allow me or anyone else to convince you that you are the slow lane on the expressway. You are in fact, in your own lane! Like the moderately canceled rap great, Weezy F. Baby has said, “my money too long, my weed too strong, fk everybody I’m in my own zone.” Stay Rollin yall. 



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