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Interdependent Relationships are the Relationships of the New Age

Guest Submission by Brandon G-Stak  This is a social observation blog about how more women’s independence has killed the traditional relationship. If you’re an independent woman that doesn’t need a man for ANYTHING and you don’t have dreams of marriage, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. This is for the independent woman that says she doesn’t need a man for anything, but 3 posts later complains about wanting to a “traditional relationship” like her grandparents. In the new world where the genders are becoming more equal, a lot of old traditions are dying out. Interdependent relationships are the relationships of the new age. Meema & Poppa’s Dynamic: If you objectively look back at the relationships your grandparents had, it was set up for the woman to be more of a dependent, than an equal partner. The traditional roles were the man goes to work to provide and the woman takes care of the house. While traditional relationships did have love as part of the foundation, they were held together with c