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How to start healthy eating habits - Featuring Ms.FitOne

Hey SG! Capt SistaGurl has been receiving a lot of inbox questions and we had to grab some answers from some of the experts. Meet Elizabeth Colen, Wellness Expert, Super Mom, Baddie, and Journalist extraordinaire. She's going to take the reigns for this one! Let us know what you think about it! We hope this post helps someone like our poster. Dear SistaGurl,I want to start my nutrition journey but my household of four is addicted to all the wrong food choices, my husband and son rarely eat vegetables, and only potatoes when they're fried. I would rather not make two separate meals each night! I'm working hard enough! Do you have any suggestions is there a way to trick them into eating healthy? Signed, Fried Potato Family 

SG Presents: The Black Code - Panel Series

Great Day SG Peeps, 
I'm sure you've all been wondering, why my typically vocal self has been so quiet about all of the things that are going on in our nation pertaining to our people. I decided to create a space to talk about our issues from everything from race relations to internalized conflict and frustrations with our people. So that's why I've decided to host a moderate new series called The Black Code. 
The first one is regarding race relations and intersectionality in the workplace. If you're wondering why I chose this one first, allow me to explain. As a person of color, most of us have experienced a certain level of discomfort within the workplace. Be it sexual harassment, elitism, or racial undertones. Unfortunately, the workplace, is where we spend the majority of our time. 
This panel was set up to navigate through those experiences and to hopefully garner some understanding on how to enact change and move forward within our daily lives. Put it this way, …

SG Girl's Love Hip-Hop: Featuring The Blk Cinema

By Felicia ClarkSoulful, smooth hip hop melodies that read like a movie script. A script that is thought-provoking as equally as it is relaxing. That’s the vibe that is given by The Blk Cinema. Which consists of members, Kelvy (Kelvin Wilson), and Lenny (Leonard Anton Gary). Both are Chicago natives with a sound that is equally as Chi-City as it is international.
Their song, “Leave”, starts with a snippet from the show Martin from the famous break-up scene between Martin and Gina. The verse, “I’m sorry bae but we gotta leave”, discusses that no matter how much you may love someone, when a relationship has run its course, sometimes you just gotta “Leave”. Words that have a universal understanding for anyone, anywhere who has loved and lost. The full body of the tracklist toggles between subjects and scenarios that are equipped with emotional depth and powerful lyrical agility.
The SistaGurl Blog caught up with The Blk Cinema to discuss their background and what brought them to become T…

Conspiracy Theories are created by Grief

By Rapmusiq
It wasn’t until the day after… in reflection, that it occurred to me. The day before I was in conversation with someone that brought up a video that he had recently watched. As he related the content of the video, I immediately felt the back of my neck and shoulders start to tense up. As he went into the details of the video’s creator explaining the connection between COVID-19, 5G, the new world order and the government plot to control humanity; my ears could no longer listen. I spent time searching my mind for the best way to express my frustration in kindness. I ended up telling him that the conversation was vexing my spirit and that I would prefer to talk about glitter, unicorns, and rainbows. After tongue-in-cheek, telling me that unicorns don’t exist and we haven’t had a rainbow in a few weeks we moved on from the conversation topic.

He wasn’t the only source of my confrontation with conspiracy theories around this COVID situation. I have literally seen them everywhere:…

Film Review: Uncorked

By Rapmusiq
Uncorked is the Netflix banger we all need in these trying times. If you haven’t seen this film, stop reading, go watch it and come back to this article. Because it’s about to be spoiler central. First things, first, this film is Black AF [insert Black Power fist emoji]. It captures everyday black folks in their natural environment. Not suffering, not battling some undisclosed white villain; but simply living their lives. The realistic family dynamic is incredibly relatable.

Everyone has parents and/or parental figures with expectations of us. We all have that cousin who expects freebies but would give us the shirt of their back if we needed it. The gaze both in Memphis and in Paris is black folks viewing black folks. The references made are our own inside jokes and kitchen table talk. The cast invites us in with its clear star power: the national treasure Niecy Nash, Courtney B. Vance aka the luckiest man on the planet (google his wife) and newcomer Mamoudou Athie, who is…

Does your ego run your relationship?

By Capt SistaGurl, Laura Miller
For eons, the ego has remained undefeated. It’s the thing that drives once reasonable people into insecurity, starts wars, it’s the tiny cricket on our shoulder that tells us how much “they got us fucked up”, and most importantly it can be the lead actor in the screenplay of our relationships. I have been known to pump my chest out in arrogance, so I took some time to draft a few examples on how our ego plays a role in our dating, marriage, and relationship lives. The social media related ego. This one is ranked number one because it’s probably the most common. You take yourself onto the page of their current or former paramour and compare yourself to them. “She’s not cuter than me, I’m skinnier than her, why was he even with her?”, “She left me for this dude, he’s lame.”  Friends, SistaGurls, my people, here’s the thing. Whether the new person or ex is a supermodel, it doesn’t matter. Why? They chose you, or the relationship is over, please refrain from …

Girl's Love Hip-Hop: Featuring God's Prophet

By Felicia Clark
Jordan My’ron Tennyson, aka. God's Prophet speaks nothing but the truth. He exhibits the skill, dedication, knowledge and raw talent to back up his name. Prior to rap, the Lousiville, KY native played collegiate football at the University of Kentucky as well as the University of Louisville. While at the University of Kentucky, he received news that his grandmother had fallen ill and he transferred to the University of Louisville to aid in her caregiving.
Unfortunately, she did not survive. Combine the loss of his grandmother and a season-canceling football injury, Prophet became depressed. In his search for answers, he heard a divine voice that repeatedly told him to write. After multiple attempts to ignore the call to action, he finally gave in. He picked up a pad and a pen and poured his heart and soul onto the paper. What he saw on the notepad, were the words of a lyrist.

You are not a typical artist. How would you define your personal brand and sound?

As a bra…