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Just when you thought R&B was dead... this happened

By Capt SistaGurl This message has been brought to you by the '80s and 90's babies who just aren't satisfied with Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, Trey Songz (no shade, that's my boo), and ole weak Jacques keeping R&B alive. Don't worry, I have whole archived posts about the importance of R&B and we will definitely be getting into them soon. But for now, we feast!  Remember a couple of months ago on the Soul Train Awards Jon B and Donnell Jones graced the stage with some of their greatest hits? It propelled me to recall a simpler time. A time when love actually meant love, and sex in music was often times served on delicious platters of innuendos! That time has passed. So much so that Chris Brown released a single today called "Wobble Up" that urged the fine ladies to "wobble on the dick". Very classy. But, I digress. Anyway, whilst checking my YouTube notifications I found a lovely surprise.
Jon B and Donnell Jones have released a new single/video…
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Knee deep in Wendy Williams' business

By Rapmusiq

I’m spent much of my free time in the last few weeks, knee deep in Wendy Williams' business. As she often says on her show; she’s a friend in my head. Something like a young auntie or an older cousin. Either way, her head on- full face camera rapport that I’ve been watching for the last 11 years makes me feel connected to her in the way many of us feel toward our problematic faves. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard about the tremulous, scandalous personal problems she has been experiencing and indirectly addressing as of late. 
It first became apparent to most when she passed out on live television last Halloween. She attributed this to a too toasty Halloween costume. However, this would lead to a series of odd on-screen displays that left her co-hosts gagging. She was spotted slurring her words during a hot topics segment, then a few weeks later arrived on screen sporting a full arm sling which she stated was due to a fall. Individually, these incidents don’…

Death to Labels

By Capt SistaGurl

This post is brought to you by a very tired, career driven, wife, mom, full-time job having-  entrepreneur and future mogul.

I noticed specifically, when introductions are given in the workplace women often feel compelled to mention the same things.. For example, "I'm a mom of two, my HUSBAND and I love SIP AND PAINT, and I've been working in benefits for 12 years."

Ladies before you think I'm judging, I have been victim of this as well. The irony is, if you put a man in the same room, his answers sound more like this. "Hi my name is Jim, I like Nascar. I've been in benefits for 18 years. Happy to be here." *For this story, less say most men care a bit less about labels, and more about specific things when describing their worth.

He could have the same amount of family, similar attributes as the female example but will NOT mention it. Not because he doesn't love his family, but simply because it's an introduction at WORK an…

Black Male Masculinity: Marked Safe

Over the past several days, I have watched the fear of black men on social media increase from murmur to shouting in regards to Billy Porter’s red carpet tuxedo gown (designed by Christian Siriano) at the Oscars this past Sunday. I would like to start by saying that I have never been a black man, but I have been surrounded by them since my inception. I love you, and I am firmly aware that what I am about to say is NOT going to be received well by some of you.
Black men, much like black women come in all shapes, sexual preferences, and sizes. Your fear that your masculinity will be compromised by images of gay black men in public is a fear based notion. It is high time that you realized this. You are afraid, that everything you were taught on how to be a man and maneuver through this life will somehow be TAINTED by those who embody a lifestyle you don’t understand or choose not to.
For decades the imaging of black men in the media world wide has been slated based on the images that tho…


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!! 

Love is so dope, and Valentine's Day is one of those days that we pay homage to how great it is. For some of us we don't have a date, and that's okay. Because guess what!?!? The SistaGurl team is your Valentine. We love y'all so much that we dedicated this day, to positive energy, and written expressions of love! 

We hosted a LOVE IS DOPE spotlight on our social media pages where POETS all around the US, submitted poems to us to exalt the day. 

Please check out these authors, and feel free to share with ALL OF YOUR LOVED ONES. 

Neroamee Alucard 
I can't feel so I tried to touch
I grabbed the tree and found only air
I held fruit in my hand only for it to rot then and there
I looked into the sky, blue and vivid
The colors drained as this was written
Then I reached for you
I felt hope and walls built strong over years of disappointment began to erode
It's almost as if life didn't choose me for yet another practical joke The color ret…

Doin Just Fine

By Felicia Clark Capt SistaGurl here! I was in an R&B YouTube whole and found this goodie. After reading the pain in the comments and the undertones in the track, I reached out to Felicia Clark, and asked her to pen something REAL. Check it out!
I’m a writer. I’m an author. I’ve been given the opportunity to walk in my truth. To do what I love...what I breathe for. With writing, there is the creation of scenario and characters. Some of which translate into real life. What if I told you that although I walk around with the biggest brightest smile on my face, that I wasn’t alright? Far from fine! What if I told you that there was a life that I once had that was suddenly snatched away? I was vulnerable enough to get duped into making some traumatic life altering decisions that brought my entire house down. It happened. Oh boy, did it happen.
The man that I was married to, the one I truly adored, hurt me. He hurt me in such a way that I may never recover. I allowed him to make a fool …

We Luh GOD, You Mad?

New Submission Alert!!!!! The Sista Gurl welcomes our newest writer Aliyah Young, and she is coming to encourage young women who have found their spirituality, but have been subjected to HATERS. Show her some love below. XOXO Capt SistaGurl
Anytime young christians mention being spiritually connected and consistently attending church, the commentary sounds something like, “They don’t do nothing but scam y’all for y’all money” or "You know JESUS ain't real right?". People tend to write God off because of worldly error. They disrespect our Lord and Savior while simultaneously disregarding a loved one's personal choice. One cannot blame people for being upset or feeling disdain for worldly corruption, but that doesn’t directly correlate to the Spirit of the Lord.
Making a choice to live for God shouldn’t be met with as much friction as it’s met with for young women of color like myself. It is not crazy, it is not strange, and we shouldn’t feel awkward speaking about the…