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Interdependent Relationships are the Relationships of the New Age

Guest Submission by Brandon G-Stak  This is a social observation blog about how more women’s independence has killed the traditional relationship. If you’re an independent woman that doesn’t need a man for ANYTHING and you don’t have dreams of marriage, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. This is for the independent woman that says she doesn’t need a man for anything, but 3 posts later complains about wanting to a “traditional relationship” like her grandparents. In the new world where the genders are becoming more equal, a lot of old traditions are dying out. Interdependent relationships are the relationships of the new age. Meema & Poppa’s Dynamic: If you objectively look back at the relationships your grandparents had, it was set up for the woman to be more of a dependent, than an equal partner. The traditional roles were the man goes to work to provide and the woman takes care of the house. While traditional relationships did have love as part of the foundation, they were held together with c

Fake Place - Real Problems

By Laura Miller  The allure of social media provides our senses with the notion that fairytales come true. It can show us things like the beautiful girl with the perfect waistline, smiling her perfect smile living her life as your favorite entrepreneur, standing shoulder to shoulder with all the stars of your dreams.  It shows us that the once ridiculed guy in your Chemistry class in high school now owns a sports car, has 2.5 children, a perfectly adoring wife, and let’s face it, you never expected that weirdo to look like that, it never dawned on you that he could grow a beard and afford expensive cologne!  Often times if you live outside the confines of what is deemed “Social Media” perfect, your daily scrolls down newsfeeds and timelines have effects on you that you wouldn’t expect. Because sometimes social media can just be TOO MUCH. Too over stimulating with perfection.  It can leave you feeling that you’re life doesn’t measure up. Even on the smallest scale it can seem like every

Bridgerton Season 2 Perpetuates Passion over Reality - Which we may need right now

By Capt Sistagurl While Bridgerton is one of the most well-written Shondaland productions in the history of Shondaland. I find myself placed in a less favorable sentiment. Logic.  While the fantasy of the series creates superficial realities where old England is far more progressive than its present version, I struggle with the way in which the season places fantasies back into the lap of women. I think it took women and young girls years to get out from under the thumbs of fairy tales but here we are, believing that love matches can be made in a matter of days and passion can keep a life of longevity in a marriage.  I will say that there’s a reason why women can’t escape the fondness for passionate romance. Hollywood has made millions of dollars off of it.  But is it something we as humans can attain? Or is it merely just something that allows us to remember when he didn’t fart as much, and he actually wanted to know truly what our interests were?  Can love sustain the levels of passi

20 Years Since 'No Child Left Behind' ACT and Children are more behind than ever

Guest Feature: LaMailede Assata Moore (Our Trouble Making - Giver or no Damns Friend)  I’ll Knock All This ‘ish Over Chances are, that after reading this piece if you’re a non-educator you may not like me. And if you are an educator, you will not be too pleased either. Why are we in this mess of a situation with CPS , and quite frankly, education nationally? In the simplest terms possible, although not the nicest way to put it, it’s because we’ve been average, complacent, idiots for way too long. My apologies for the harshness, blame Frank. Let me explain in more respectful detail. Our educational system is imploding on itself like a dilapidated building on the South Side of Chicago that’s been ignored by every mayor since no one can remember. Teachers have been screaming for help for decades. Their screams have been ridiculed and scolded. They get less of what they ask for each year.  It has been twenty years since the NCLB act was enacted - more children than ever are behind. They’r

No More Drama: Goodbye to my toxic marriage and hello to Freedom

Treat Yourself Guide: Art Edition

Me. With Cool Kid. Hebru Brantley #flex  The other day I was watching The TERRELL Show on YouTube. Amber Riley was singing a cover of Jazmine Sullivan's song "Masterpiece". I was transported into a ponderance of what has typically been deemed a masterpiece. Nine times out of ten it's going to be something European, and will undoubtedly not represent people of color in any way that we find "majestic".  While the world has progressed, some communities haven't progressed as fast as we would like. The art community is one of them.  Thankfully, over the years, I've been blessed to have met and interviewed several talented visual artists; from photographers, sculptors, and painters. So I'd like to help you out and ensure that if you're deciding to treat yourself to some art check out these dope individuals first!  Let's get shopping shall we?  1. Jeff Beckham - Art by Jeff Beckham. If you follow me on social media, you know I've interviewe

The Sista Gurl's 2021 - Treat Yourself Guide

By Laura Miller Most publications run a holiday gift guide, I love them, we all do. But rarely is there a gift guide for your MVP. You. What are you getting yourself this holiday season?  Have you ever considered how completely insane it is for us to spend thousands of dollars every season without a few personal treats?  Don't be the moms in the SNL skit, stuck with a pandora charm, while everyone else is getting ALL THE GOOD STUFF. Let's make sure, that we're ending the year, caring about ourselves, and enjoying a bit of retail therapy. Each post for the next few days will be featuring brands I've partnered with this year or brands I love. I would never steer you, wrong ladies and gentlemen, these brands are the truth! Make sure you subscribe to get these posts to your email box!  PS. If you missed the first one on Body Shapers, here it is !