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Nola Darling: The Side Effects of the Loving Bed

Hey Sista Gurls, She's Gotta Have It is a great series, and we couldn't help but write a few posts about the social issues portrayed in such a great piece of work. Here is the kick off, stay tuned for more. Capt Sista Gurl :) In American culture men receive the luxury of dating many women and being identified as a man’s man, a playboy, and a stud. He is admired by his ability to maneuver through multiple women at a time as a hero. When watching "rom coms" you typically can find a lead male who “isn't ready to settle down” and then finds some magic woman (or ghost)  who possess a fierce underwear and shoe collection that makes him laugh and supports him in a way he always needed. It is very rare that this man is called out for his insurrection prior. And if he does, it's when he's already became love struck by some captivating woman; and his decades or bad behavior creep in and he makes a huge mistake. Nola Darling has three very different men

My Chat with Kenny Lattimore

This past Thursday Afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending the Mocha Cafe's #SaluteHer17: Beauty of Diversity awards ceremony. It was an awards ceremony honoring black women in our communities who have paved the way as innovators and trailblazers. I love award ceremonies centered towards black women because they give me all the SistaGurl energy I can stand. It was so Sista-centered that it was sponsored by Toyota, 106.3 (Mocha Radio), and ORS Hair Care. You know what that means? The freebies were oh so perfect.  Another special surprise for me, was having the pleasure of speaking with a man with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. I must say that prior to meeting Kenny Lattimore, I had all these assumptions as to his character, based on my favorite point of contention, spin media. A couple of years ago, he was vilified publicly over personal issues with his then wife Chante Moore in regards to a custody battle. Isn’t ironic that I know this? How the media l