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SG Teen Poetry Spotlight Featuring Lauren Leggett

The Noble Savage By Lauren Leggett Your identity is now aloof. Your spirit, An arcane twist of tales left untold. Yet, A sweet anecdote pleasant to the ears of young and old  the ambiguous archetype of the noble savage. Though they attacked your image, They struggled to demonize your character. Apprehensive of expectations so you danced to the beat of their drum. The tune of the angelic melody once sung transformed into a nostalgic blues... Defeated,  You Befell the burden of being consumed by the lies they fabricated. Struggling to assert the importance of adhered values  So affected by what they merely anticipated. And still, they claim ideas have no real power, Their crowded lies showering over every gospel truth. Causing even you difficulty with discerning what lies lie between what's false and what’s true. Assessing their analyzed assumptions and what they attribute to the essence of your fate. Feel the innocence of your youth being stripped aw

SG Teen Poetry Spotlight Featuring Caison Crawford

By Caison Crawford Tempered Glass I'm hiding behind tempered glass Longing to survive fears impact I’ll leave this earth without a scratch Resistant to life's cracks So temper temper this tempered glass Can withstand your childish tantrums Enduring even my troubling outburst And frightening anthems Fear crawls right through The glass I intended to Protect me from the threatening thoughts that evoke my temper I chase an inner peace that can console me But I fail every time Oh, Wile E. Coyote Will I spend my life attempting to catch the same thing? And if I catch it, then what? Will I be nothing more than a dog chasing its own tail Entailing a further desire to obtain the impossible I see the calm When I make eye contact with the moon Uncovering winter's veil Taking the wind out my sails A prerequisite for the summer to prevail Brightening my darkened mindset Seeing the bright sides peering through the tempered g