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April Preyar: Unveiling Trials & Triumph Board Game -SG Holiday Gift Guide Feature

Legal Empowerment and Cool Vibes Collide in the Perfect Holiday Gift Hey SistaGurls, Laura Miller here, aka Capt SistaGurl, and I am beyond excited to introduce you to a game-changer in legal education and empowerment. As we dive into the SG Holiday Gift Guide, let's shine a spotlight on April Preyar, the legal luminary behind th revolutionary Trials & Triumph Board Game. Trials & Triumph: A Legal Luminary's Vision: Crafted by the brilliant mind of April Preyar, a 21-year-old criminal defense attorney, Trials & Triumph is more than a game; it's a tool for navigating police encounters and fostering critical thinking, especially in our teens. As Capt SistaGurl, I'm all about empowerment, and this board game is a game-changer in that department. Empowering Critical Thinking in Teens: One of the standout features of Trials & Triumph is its ability to awaken critical thinking in our teens. In a world full of challenges and peer pressures, this game equips the

Boost Your Product-Based Business's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales with SG Media's Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the colossal shopping events that mark the beginning of the holiday season, are no doubt the busiest and most competitive times for product-based businesses. These days offer an incredible opportunity to boost sales and increase revenue, but the daunting challenge of standing out from the crowd and capturing the attention of potential customers can be overwhelming. That's where SG Media comes in to lend a helping hand.  With over 6 years of marketing and publicity services, SG Media's holiday gift guide offers an affordable solution to ensure your products, books, and services are discovered by eager holiday shoppers. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Challenge: For product-based businesses, the holiday season can be a make-or-break period. The competitive landscape is fierce, with major retailers, e-commerce giants, and countless other businesses vying for the same customers' attention. This daunting challenge can often lead to frustration an

Get Your Sh$t Together: The Ultimate Holiday Gift for Personal Growth and Financial Freedom

It's been a YEAR, it's November 1st, and by that, you should know what time it is! It's time for our SG's Holiday Gift Guide! Just in time for #NationalAuthorsMonth, let's highlight our first Book of the Gift Guide! Read on, and do us a favor and share this post with your faves. This includes and is not limited to the friend who asks you to "hold something" the most, or even the friend who ALWAYS buys out the bar when y'all go out! The holiday season is upon us, and what better gift to give than the opportunity for personal growth and financial freedom? We are thrilled to present " Get Your Shit Together: Guide to Getting Your Mind, Credit, and Money Right" by the award-winning author LaMailede Moore, with a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Raymond Aaron. This book is a game-changer, offering invaluable insights and practical strategies to help you transform your life. Read on to discover why this book should be at the top of yo

2023 Plan Less Live More

By Capt SistaGurl,  Now, before you tell me how hard you worked hard on your vision boards hear me out. Now of course I think it’s important to envision and implicate goals for the year, however lately I’ve been struggling with the idea of our life’s outline.  When writing a book, the easiest way in my opinion to complete the work is to organize each idea by chapter. So if you get stuck in one place, you can review your outline and say, "Well, I’m unsure about chapter five right now, but ideas are running more fluidly for Chapter 8." You can do this because you’ve already written a small synopsis of these chapters so you know what’s going to happen.  In my mind, there are a few differences between creating a novel, and our everyday life, but not very many. There are developmental phases, parts that we are really excited about, and there are instances in which we just get stuck. Much like life. But in real-life experience, we tend to lament the chapter we are stuck and allowin