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The Unapologetically Black Playlist!! states, "that music can trigger the brain to release chemicals to distract the body and mind from the pain." Today, I, like most of you are in pain. Dealing with the turmoil that has stumbled upon us after the deaths of both Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. By now we are all aware of the details that transpired as well as whom brought them to their untimely demise. We at The Sista Gurl are here to help you heal, or at best, release some of your emotions through music. Here is a collection of songs we think can help you remain "Unapologetically Black" at all times without consequence. A free space for your listening ear to be as Black and Proud as you like! If you have any more tracks you'd like to add, please like comment and share. [  ]Angie  Stone - brotha [  ]What's going on- Marvin Gaye [  ]Promise land - Damien Marley and Nas [  ]Young Gifted and Black - Nina Simone [  ]They don't care about us- Michael Jackson [