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Love is Dope: Featuring Capt SistaGurl

New Magic By Capt SistaGurl The sky may fall to ruin, the earth may cease to spin,  but the risk of living my last day is worth  an eternity of life in the unknown.  Whatever the ancestors have chosen for us, destiny may fulfill it.  I feel you,  even when you’re away,  in the depths of my endings,  and the top of the world’s ceiling.  We may fall.   The world might end,  but it’s worth the moment.  To feel you, to need you,  to manifest the pureness of our energy.  Being so fearful that we are wrong, that we might blow the world up,  but what if we save ours?  Searching for new oxygen to save me I need to know now,  at this moment how the story ends,  beginning with one kiss.  Suspended in time,  into the brightness of forever,  clinging to the light in our souls,  that plague the darkness of our worry. One kiss from you is worth a lifetime never knowing.  Longing to bathe in new air catapulting ourselves in oneness and discovery of the what-if.  What if we form a new version of ma

Love is Dope 2021 - Featuring Nizm

Check out an archive performance from Nizm of his fan-favorite classic "Come Back Love "  Sometimes, love means letting go. Then there are times, when you're just not ready.  Thanks for this vibe Nizm!  Time travel with us, to a time where the world was open, and LIVE music was KING. 

Love is Dope 2021: Featuring Felicia Clark

Good Good By Felicia Clark I’ve never been one for sweets But you got that good good. The kind of love that makes me wanna holla... To wish you would... Your sweet kisses are like sugar Your eyes so mystique As you stare, I critique Your manliness  Crazy how you finesse  My heart right out my chest I wanna be within your grip Get high as I suck your lips Your hands on my hips Inhaling your aroma  Sure to give me a diabetic coma Too sweet My diet I will cheat Come on baby... we should... I so wish you would.

Love is Dope 2021: Featuring Lyrical Paradigm

The Trees By Lyrical Paradigm There were whispers in the unknowing She got lost in them Often finding trees in the forest She could hear them beating They would bend for her Encasing her in breathing She would listen for her name Wait patiently for her to be summoned Cradled her head against leaves The shiver of the breeze would soothe her These trees knew things She used their bark for cleansing They would know her skin as melody A tune she would maestro with her walk Horns in her right leg Strings in her left They would play concertos of her scent Weaved into branches She and the trees would find heaven on highs Contrasted darkness in backgrounds She would find centers in sap Drink from the star stuff Her voice drowned out by shimmers and twinkles The trees would sing for her Moving the horizons wayward Covering her tracks Keeping her wild by taming her She counted their rings to remember time the trees  she always saw the forest Don't you feel the vibes? If you want t

Love is Dope 2021 - Two Occasions featuring Nikia Webster

We have another submission for this year's Love is Dope - 2021. It's a spoken word video from It's Just Nikia. The warmth and the depth of these words will spellbound you and your special someone. So enjoy!  Two Occasions - Nikia Webster  

Love Is Dope 2021: Valentine's Day Featuring Neroamee Alucard

Valentine's Day By Neroamee Alucard I used to think of this day as simply a capitalistic exploitation of love, or an excuse to make fractured relationships somehow more materialistic But while there is some truth to this I've learned now that most of that viewpoint was shaped by my phase of being an unabashed, unrepentant, quite frankly an annoying cynic. I put up a shell to keep love out, but couldn't fight the pangs of loneliness. Before we met I'd probably gotten into an entanglement that didn't get to serious because the blessing in that journey of self-repair was developing self-awareness. I stopped them before they got too serious. I still have a lot to unlearn, a lot of baggage to unpack and a lot of bad habits to break like a KitKat. But, I'm thankful that I have you on this journey with me. I have you to ask for aid when I know I need it. To hold me accountable when I'm leaning back on that time in my life. The ages of walking alone left me

Love is Dope: 2021 Neroamee Alucard

My Best By Neroamee Alucard I know what I make for you Isn't much in monetary value But I hope that each labor I undertake Has managed to put another smile Onto that beauteous face.   Not a day goes by That I don't find you on my mind. I'd give you the world If I was gifted with strength divine.   I know, it isn't much. But for now it's the best that I can do. My gifts to you are my words, my verses The strings I strum, and I hope that they immerse Your feelings as your creations, your writings The expressions of yourself.   You're unapologetically you, my love. And even though you're sweeter than a caramel apple, unlike excess sugar, you're good for my health.  ** Neroamee's Muse** Hey SistaGurl :) 

The Sunday Night Curse

By Capt Sista Gurl - Laura Miller Starting around Thursday of every week, I make plans for myself and my clients over the weekend. Their quest is typically lighter than mine but it’s geared towards something that can make their Monday or upcoming week easier.  My plan for myself is typically a laundry list of things to do. Things like to clean everything in the house, finish your book, broker a peace treaty, and REST. Fun fact. I have yet to accomplish all the weekend goals that I set for myself so like clockwork every single Sunday night I feel like I’ve failed. Doesn’t matter how much I did do, or if my daughter and I’s dance party was the best yet. I still feel like a complete failure.  What’s ironic about this is, I know better. When my clients' text and say, they weren’t able to get everything done because they were exhausted, I reassure them. What’s even more perplexing is, when I worked in corporate America it was a different type of Sunday evening darkness. More like “when

That Meh feeling that just won't let up!

By Nikia Webster I swore to myself that I would start the year with a renewed sense of energy and a newfound list of ideas, only to find myself entering the year with a few more unfinished items on my to-do list and even less motivation. Even the nature of this article was meant to be different, but alas, I'm exhausted, so instead, I'd like to take a moment and talk to those who keep grinding even when they're completely unaware of what's going on around them.  As we settle into 2021, understandably, many aren’t feeling rather enthused. 2020 was as a year engulfed in loss, civil unrest, and the beginning of an ongoing global pandemic crowned by a silent ball drop on New Year’s Eve. Despite the aforementioned series of events many of you may still be thinking, “I hear what you’re saying, but there’s work to do. People are counting on me. My job needs me. Not to mention my children require my immediate attention and don’t get me started on the deadlines that I set for mys

Dear Troy - Is he into me, for real?

Dear Troy Does a man show his interest in his actions or what he says ?  The issue is th is  guy always says he wants to  be with   this lady (my friend) ,  but  he never comes  through .   Is he really just  soooo  busy or  does he have a   " whole wife " ? Lol,  All Kidding Aside... HELP!!!! Signed, Ms Really For My Girl This Time Hey Ms. Really!!! Yo sis, real talk... he COULD have a whole wife!! Men generally are very intentional about what they want. And a sign that a man may be preoccupied, be it in his mind, his house, or his bed, is his lack of commitment. Let me destroy a falsehood right now, MEN DO COMMIT!!!! Men are the original FANS (short for fanatics)! We commit to sports teams, even when they lose all the damn time. We commit to jobs even if we don't like them. Men commit to work out regimens, that old chair, holey socks, and underwear... dad loved his hats... AND MEN PROPOSE AND MARRY WOMEN AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR KIDS TOO!! And when a man is into

2021 - Make a wish, take a chance, and break-away

By Capt. SistaGurl. Normally, by now you would have heard a New Year message from me. I must be transparent. I've written the New Year message to all my SistaGurl and men of distinction, SEVERAL times. None of the messages quite hit the mark. So I'm going to try this one off the dome.  Whatever comes out today, is in of essence what should be said, and what is necessary from the soul of my art as a creative. So I shall take a deep breath, and deliver something that is meaningful to not only me. But to you as well. Not because it's going to sound perfect, but simply because it's what's required of us.  There are a couple of words that my subconscious gave me over the last several days that have been brimming through my mind. So that's how we'll start this message.  Here they are:  Endurance Effort Power Transparency Break-Away Expectation.  While like many of us, I tried every attempt to completely banish the memory of 2020 out of my life henceforth from now