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Consumption vs. A Healthy Mind in 2018

It is a lot easier to blame others for every misstep and annoyance, hard time, or pitfall in your life. It’s actually a defaulted defense mechanism for most people. However, at a point in your life you should wake up and understand that if you continue to hear the same thing about yourself, than it’s a firm possibility that you are the problem.

If we spent more time looking within and less time projecting; I firmly believe that the height of the negativity we experience in our lives would completely be reconstructed.

When I say look within I don’t mean self loathe. That’s the construct of losers, I am saying actually dig in there to see how much of the things that are happening to you are within your control. How much FILTH do you ingest on your everyday life? How many nasty tv shows, social media posts, harmful people, GREASY FOOD, how much of this do you consume on a daily basis. (Google: you are what you eat, and birds of a feather)

Another important thing to add is, the company you keep. If we surround ourselves with humans who have an inability to see the upside of life, by natural energy transference, we become those people. It's osmosis. By this fact seemingly good days can be overcome by the dark side. Be mindful of those people and for your safety, gently remove them from your life where at all possible.

The good news is.. It also works in reverse!

I am certain there are studies that will show an increase of depression diagnosis, suicide and suicide attempts, and all around despair within millennials due to a shit load of unresolved childhood issues and our ability to cover our pain via multitude of distractions. (Coughs.. Like social media). Is social media the devil no.. but if the majority of the people in our demographic pick up their phone before they take their morning pee pee odds are, the lasting effects of that level of consumption is probably slowly killing us.

“Recent findings have discovered that Generation Millennial is really Generation Stress. Participants in studies have found that when Millennials rate their stress it is at a resounding 5.4 average. Baby Boomers registered at 4.7 and the Matures or WWII group is stressed only at a 3.7 level. Millennials add that stress keeps them awake at night and they are unsure of where they are going in life. They have lost connection in conversation and the empowering ability of companionship to reduce stress.”

The fact is spin related media makes sure we are pumped with CONSTANT CHAOS  and overly heightened visuals of violence and stupid things. Will all this information somehow make us WHOLE INDIVIDUALS? CNN, Twitter, Facebook, and MSNBC all convey ringside seating to: murders, people sold into slavery, babies getting thrown off of bridges, and we consume it. So we are so far from well that it's not even funny anymore.

Note: I have to correct myself because it looks as though I am blaming the media for MY CONSUMPTION. You see how easy that is? Are they forcing me to watch/read/ or scroll? No. All me. All on us.

Just when you’re about to get to a point where you body is physically run down by the exposure… QUEUE THE BEYONCE NEWS. (Doesn’t have to be her, just something superficial that will make major headlines to completely distract you from your personal problems and world news). And if that's not enough, let's watch Trump fuck up a State of the Union Address. Silver lining: MEGHAN MARKLE IS BLACK and she’s going to be princess now!  

Do you notice how incredibly erratic my thought process is in this post? Probably not because we have all conditioned ourselves to allow deep thoughts to fester and disappear within seconds.

What will you remember? Trump, Meghan Markle, and Beyonce. Welcome to spin.

So as you are dedicating your life to change in the upcoming New Year, think about your environment and what you consume. To be a new you, it’s important that you look around and see how many people around you are strong enough to withstand the change.

Wishing you love and ultraviolet light in the year ahead. 

Capt SistaGurl Out


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