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Disclaimer: The following language are based on views based by Capt SistaGurl and do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the all the contributing writers of the SistaGurl Blog. Reader discretion is advised. :)

I think it's especially important that when something is on my mind, I share it with my SG readers. Yall are my girls and therefore we must be able to have those conversations that aren't always popular for the betterment of womanhood.

Your vagina, can be compared to no other vagina, it was carefully crafted just for your in divine splendor.  It's special. You are special. Here's the part that we so often forget and rarely point out though. As special as your Kitty Love Blossom is, it's only special to you! Literally just you.

Sometimes you may go to the ob/gyne and the physician will tell you how beautiful it is, and how firm your cervix is, but that's because they value those types of things. In real life. It's apart of their job.

Laura, why are you going on and on about vagina today, you ask?  Well, in short. I think black women in particular, have been MAD CARELESS WITH OUR VAGINAS.

No I am not referring to the illustrious hoe phase that everyone has been raving about. I'm talking about UNPROTECTED SEX WITH STRANGERS. First let's categorize a stranger.

Stranger - a person whom you have recently met, who has a kind smile, oozes sex appeal, has poised conversation and whom you feel as though you've known forever.  This part of the dating phase has a considerable amount of unknowns. Such as his SSN, real tangible insights to his character, and most importantly, his/her hoe fax report.

Yall know what I mean, the report that tells you that in the past he's had unprotected sex with at least 40 other smart, intelligent women just like you. THAT HOEFAX.

Ladies, your vagina is just as, if not more valuable than your credit score. I can surely bet that you all are not co-signing random loans with people you've know within a 30 day period, so please do not allow them to tamper with the health of your vagina.

I know condoms stink, I know he is an expert at "pulling out", and every romantic movie,  TV show, or sitcom you've EVER seen refused to include them in their plot lines.

People are out here giving out diseases that require more than antibiotics and a side eye from your gynecologist. It is YOUR responsibility to take care of YOUR VAGINA.

You only get one. So don't be surprised if a man tells you that he's clean and burns you. Don't be surprised if a man gets MAD because you tell him to bring condoms. He might tell you how he's never felt this way about anyone else before..

He might even tell you how special you and she (your vagina) is. SO WHAT WRAP IT UP. I'm specifically tailoring this message to black women because we are the ones that suffer the penance of the world's pitfalls unassisted. We're the ones that are required to be accountable where EVERYONE LACKS. It's one of those things that sucks, but we're well aware of it, so we cope wherever we can. THIS IS NOT AN AREA IN WHICH YOU CAN NEGLECT YOUR COMMON SENSE.

Unless you went to the physician with the man, waited the 3-5 business days for the test results to come back, trust him with your LIFE, and believe what his mother says about him is true.. CONTINUE TO BUY CONDOMS.

 I love yall. Like FORREAL.

Capt SistaGurl


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