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Fall Galore

By Jah Bee

It's that time of year again when the melody of our beloved Earth, Wind and Fire rings a special place in our heart. The beauty of the leaves changing color and beginning to fall from the trees captures our attention. While the sounds of school bells ringing and the feel of a cool breeze on sunny days, reminds us that my favorite season is here, AUTUMN! I love everything about this time of year. The apple cider, pumpkin patches, Halloween, my son's birthday (side note), and the FASHION!!! Yes! The fashion. 
This year I have not followed one trend. I don't know if it's the busy schedule of being a new mom or my own personal transformations but I am not abreast to the latest fashion trends. Although I do and will always love fashion and my style. The key factors to great style are effortless and timeless pieces. Therefore always keep classic pieces and outfits in your wardrobe for each season. So if you can't or decide not to shop the trend, you will always be your own classic trend. 

Now let's talk about this fall season! 

My top favorite part of fall fashion is the layering. While others are sad that summer is ending, I'm doing back flips at the first sign of cooler days ahead. I love layering because it keeps the eye busy. Always discovering a new element to the outfit.
Which leads me to my next two favorite parts of fall fashion, leather and suede. These staple pieces are essential to my cool, relaxed, layered fall outfit. And when I say leather and suede I mean in all forms and styles. From a hat to a jacket to a skirt, pants or even shorts! All is fair in the game of dope fall layering. 

Next, I can rarely go wrong with a chunky sweater. Add some hoop earrings and a statement bracelet or necklace and this look takes care of it self. The chunky sweater with a long sleeve top can be a great combination for cool fall days. Makes me want to curl up to a cup of warm apple cider and a good book! 

Last, but not least I love me a good fall boot. Oh yes! Leather or suede, heels or flats, short or high, it does not matter. I love them all. The best part of fall boots is not worrying if they will get damaged by mounds of snow and slushy water. 
You just wear them and  remain cute. They draw the right attention to any outfit and can be a convenient statement piece.That's all I have for this fall fashion. May all the beautiful autumn babies have a blessed and blissful birthday! 

Peace and Light

Jah Bee


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