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Surviving Distractions: How to identify them and how to stop them

By Felicia Clark 
I sit down to do a write-up with my deadline for completion in two days. After showering, I change into my pajama bottoms and an oversized shirt. I grab a glass of wine, chips, and my laptop. My blanket and pillow are on the sofa. My rain sounds are going. I decided that everything's in place. I plop onto my sofa and proceed to write. All of sudden, PANDEMONIUM. “Ma! Can you please bring me a towel?! I forgot to grab one!” One of my sons yelled from the bathroom.
After grabbing a towel and handing it to an awaiting hand sticking out the slit of the bathroom door, I sat back down upon the sofa and proceeded to write. 
Ring! Ring! Unh unh, not answering. The phone stops ringing. Ring! Ring! Same number. Not answering. Then it rings AGAIN! Same number, belonging to my bestie. She’s called 3 times in a row. She never does that. Something must be wrong. I decided to call her back and try to make it short; no more than 10 minutes, tops

Thirty minutes later, she’s just get…

Cooning, Confirmations, and Classless Tendecies. My Week in Review

This week in media…(Through my lense)

Sunday: The Golden Globes: Notable winners of the magical ebony persuasion include Viola Davis, Traci Ellis Ross, The film Moonlight, as well as the series Atlanta. Kudos and credits to all of the hard work from these folks. #Salute.

Viola Davis presented the Cecil B. DeMille award to the Queen of Dramatic excellence, Meryl Streep. During her speech, Lady M. basically called Donald Trump a pretentious turd (eloquently) and urged hollywood to continue to create and inspire, and celebrate your uniqueness, even though someone.. and some people (cough, cough, Trump) would go out of their way to discredit them. (She included the press as well as foreigners, get it, hollywood, foreign, press) . Anywho, as usually some people loved her speech and others thought she could have kept it. Personally, I thought she did great.

Next Day or later that night Twitter fingers- Trump says, she is overrated. (Causes a media field day. ) Because he should really have time to care right.. sure.. lots of free time for this guy..

Tuesday: President Obama sits as the flyest of lame duck presidents in history. He completed his farewell address this past Tuesday among his followers in Chicago as he was elevated to stadium applause and urges for another 4 years. He spoke on many issues including his track record in the last 8 years, as well as provided heartfelt gratitude to Big Sister Gorgeous One- Supreme High Priestess of Ebony Fabulousness-First Lady Michelle Obama, and his daughters. As an orator, Barack Obama is the gold standard. He throws intellectual shade, he is inspiring, and he always leaves me energized for the promise of tomorrow. There was a point when watching the address that I felt sad, for my children and for myself because walking poise and grace would no longer be at the forefront of my national leadership. The shit is depressing.. But he did his best to attempt to ramp us up by employing the viewers and all those in attendance that we could do more than just “argue on the internet”. We could impact the change needed, because if we could get him elected we could do anything..


Wednesday: President Elect Trump has his first press conference since elected (Which is approximately 15 less than Obama and 10 less than G Dubs) and basically was like, “ Tax returns, why? I am the president now, tax these nuts. “ Then he was like yeah the economy is great now thanks to me, I made people feel great enough to shop. You see this paperwork? I am going to sign my business duties over to my son, if he messes up I am going to fire him. Blind Trust? Nah, I wanna see how I am stealing this good american money.. oh and finally, No you don't talk to me reporter, you said I through a golden shower party, your news is fake, I will not answer your question. (I am paraphrasing for dramatic flair.. but this about sums it up.)


Meanwhile, congress is mad annoyed that nearly all the people who trump has elected to cabinet positions either haven't completed all their paperwork, haven't submitted returns, cannot seem to answer a straightforward question, or is a flaming, card carrying RACIST. ( This ish is sooo fked up. ) P.S. I watch PBS newshour, they are fairly unbiased and they just report the news.. which is how it should work. Check them out.

Wednesday Part 2: Puff Daddy goes on his Snapchat and has this “Come to Jesus moment, about how there is too much “ Cooning and Bafooning” in Hip Hop today. Hey guys.. he was real serious, I know what you guys are thinking, PUFFY SAID THIS? Yes, the same guy that said black people needed to hold their votes, the guy screaming on the tracks in the most gaudy clothing he can find. The same guy that was pouring out champagne while standing on top of a tiger cage said this.. In his defense.. he acknowledged that he knows his coon to conscious ratio has been uneven at times but he said he of all people should know what is too much. I can only assume he is talking about cbreezy, soulja boy, 50 cent (Adult male leadership) Floyd Mayweather (Adult male leadership) and Mike Tyson (Adult male..) and this prize fight mess they are publicizing. Either way, it added more chaos to the week.

Thursday: Ben Carson. ( Just watch the clip. ) I cannot with dude.


Barack Obama gives Uncle Joe Biden the Congressional Medal of Freedom.. (Surprise!!) He had no clue which made it sooo sweet. The whole thing was just great. So after you watch the Ben Carson thing, watch this, it will be like dessert.


Thursday Evening: Black Star power was in attendance for a special musical ceremony of Black Brilliance over the last 400 years. Oprah started the show praising the Lord and the vibe was set up from there. Mary J. Blige was hollerin per usual. The Alvin Ailey Dancers were brilliant, and the President and Michelle even got their jam on. It was great! Two hours or magical splendor paying homage to some of the most important figures in our time.

Happy Friday Sistagurls! I am sure the rest of the week is guaranteed to be equally as entertaining. Let me know, did I leave anything out?


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