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Does Your Life Matter?

By Jamika B. 

In my honest opinion the #BlackLivesMatter movement is reflected around fear and death. I support the heart behind the movement and will continue to be a voice for the youth and our black melanated people. However as a poet, I am an observer by nature and feel it's my civic duty to speak the truth. Let me post my disclaimer now before I go any further with my observations. 

Disclaimer: WARNING! Jamika B. is known to speak her truths. That being said, her truths may not be your truths. Do not take anything she says personally. Please be reminded anything she says (no matter the passion behind her words) is all in love for the empowerment of black melanated people. Her views are far and wide. Crossing topics such as religion, spirituality, education, fashion, politics, world issues, black empowerment and more. Jamika B. is very passionate about her views and maybe against the norm. However, she speaks from the heart and means no disrespect. Be prepared to have an open mind whenever you read an article from Jamika B. Carry On...

Again I support the heart of the movement but would like to focus our attention on life and not death. Our minds attract what we think about the most. So if we are consistently thinking of murder and fear, we will continue to get those things. This world is governed by a small elite class (1%-2%) that survives off the back breaking work of the greater percent. This elite class controls the media and these fvck ass cops, along with everything else. In the media, across the world you consistently see the killings of melanated people by police brutality or the propaganda term "black on black crime." Now imagine the powerful effect that we could have if we collectively posted a positive image along with a positive affirmation. If we posted the following image and statement every time we lose a brother or sister due to police brutality, think of the powerful message we would send to the elite class:


Wouldn't this be a more powerful and uplifting message to ourselves and others than the following image:


The first image displays life, the second image displays death. How can we prepare the next generation if they are wrapped in a blanket of fear, due to the images we constantly feed them? These negative images are feed through the media to keep us in fear. To keep us feeling helpless, hopeless and stagnated in our current position. I saw a post on FaceBook one day, where a mom stated in her status that her three year old son said he was afraid of getting shoot by the police. She was lost for words and didn't know what to tell him. I responded to her post by suggesting that she tell that young king he has nothing to fear and to teach him all that he is worth. Teach him that the oppressors are in fear of him because of his melanated skin and the power of his presence. Our children sense our fear. If they can sense our fear, so can the elite class and the police. Our fear continues to put us in the position of defeat and helplessness. WE MUST STOP FEEDING THE FEAR! Fear is not real. It's images that are created in our mind of the future. Images that may never come true. By feeding the fear we will continue to lose the war for our freedom. 


Although the #BlackLivesMatter movement has great intent, it's time we used more powerful words. Words have the power to change things. And if we use them wisely, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. Again I support the heart of the movement, as it has grouped us together to agree on one thing, Black lives do matter. So now we must continue to show the world since our lives do matter we will no longer feed the fear that has lead to our oppression. Hotep 

Jamika B. 
Jamika B. is a licensed teacher who loves fashion and styling people. She has always had a knack for fashion and has enjoyed giving style advice and fashion tips. For the past nine years she has styled women for different events, ranging from first dates, job interviews, social parties, to after-five events. She even redesigns closets and wardrobes to help organize garments. All advice is geared towards money saving fashion forward tips. During the summer of 2012 Jamika B. started Fashionably Expressive by Jamika B. in which she coordinates vintage clothing and accessory trunk show parties. Her shows are very similar to other jewelry and purse parties but with vintage items. Currently Jamika B. Is a wardrobe stylist with John Ruffin’s Theater 47 in Chicago, IL. For information about FEbyJamikaB services, please  email You can also visit and follow her on Instagram under @JamikaB11 @FEbyJamikaB. 


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