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Girl's Love Hip-Hop: Featuring God's Prophet

By Felicia Clark
Jordan My’ron Tennyson, aka. God's Prophet speaks nothing but the truth. He exhibits the skill, dedication, knowledge and raw talent to back up his name. Prior to rap, the Lousiville, KY native played collegiate football at the University of Kentucky as well as the University of Louisville. While at the University of Kentucky, he received news that his grandmother had fallen ill and he transferred to the University of Louisville to aid in her caregiving.

Unfortunately, she did not survive. Combine the loss of his grandmother and a season-canceling football injury, Prophet became depressed. In his search for answers, he heard a divine voice that repeatedly told him to write. After multiple attempts to ignore the call to action, he finally gave in. He picked up a pad and a pen and poured his heart and soul onto the paper. What he saw on the notepad, were the words of a lyrist.

You are not a typical artist. How would you define your personal brand and sound?

As a brand, I would say that my name entitles who I am. I’m Prophet. That title means that I speak the truth, I’m transparent, and I talk about the deep messages that resonate with your spirit on all levels. My sound is more old school. I was heavily influenced by my favorite artists: Tupac, Jadakiss, Nas, and Lecrae. So it’s like I got a New York type of flow mixed with heavy messages and punchlines. Always leading to music with meaning.

In general, what led you to music? How do you actively seek inspiration, or does it find you? Or is it a combination of the two?

God led me to music. I constantly prayed for my purpose in life and direction. I thought that was football and gave it everything I had for years. After suffering a concussion, I heard a voice that told me I needed to write, and I knew it was God so I listened. I woke up with the gift of being able to spit. I have been obedient to what God wants me to do and haven’t looked back. Inspiration comes from a plethora of things. Music is therapeutic for me, so it’s how I manage my emotions. I suffered from addictions so I never was able to deal with my emotions. After being sober, I learned to face those demons and let my emotions out on the page instead of damaging myself with alcohol and stuff. So my emotional state, the trauma I’ve been through like loss and heartbreak and depression, things I go through on the daily, even the word of God and my relationship with Christ inspires me to write. When I hear the beat, it brings it out of me.

Let’s talk about your latest project. What was the inspiration behind it?
My latest project is called “signing day.” It’s actually inspired by true events that actually happened to me. It’s very deep so I’ll let the lyrics and the music video tell y’all the story

On a more personal note, what do you like listening to when you are not rapping?
I love music with a message. At the same time, music is the one thing that can touch us but we can’t physically touch it. Our words are powerful, so I need something I can relate to. I love The Weeknd’s work. I want to do a feature with him one day. I battle depression so I can feel the pain he lets out in his music. Outside of that, Jadakiss, Tupac, Bone Thugz and Harmony, Dave East and Dax are mainly who I listen too. I gotta hear some substance so I’m not into too many artists.

How do you live life to the fullest?
I live life to the fullest by living for the moments that we get to cherish. The feeling you get when you kiss someone you love, the rush I get from taking my motorcycle into triple-digit speeds, watching the sunset over the mountains, traveling to new states and experiencing new cultures, the list goes on. I need adrenaline rushes to keep me sane because I’m an adrenaline junkie. I find that by doing those things, it’s a test of my faith because all my trust is in God at the moment to make sure I survive. It's not about big accomplishments or buying toys. It’s just about the moments. Being able to give advice to a kid and change his life, letting someone vent, achieving a life long goal, and even facing your fears. I live for these moments and seek them daily.

Name three books, works, performances or exhibits that changed how you view life and/or yourself.

One book that truly helped me is a book called psycho-cybernetics. It’s a psychological study written by a plastic surgeon. It taught me how to defeat my depression. It’s not what happens to you that bothers you, it’s your opinion of what happens to you that bothers you. Another book that changed my life is the Bible. I finally finished it front to back and it opened my eyes. It’s not what I was taught growing up as a Christian at all. 

For one, all the main characters, including Christ, are black and a lot of things that religion taught me were actually making me do the opposite of what I feel like God wanted from me according to what I read. It taught me to pay attention to detail and to not listen to what people tell me and to go seek the truth for myself. So actually taking the time to read it for myself may have killed my religion, but it helped me to find God. 

An exhibit that changed my life was the reptile exhibit at the zoo. There was an alligator in a pen and it was sitting by the glass just staring at me. I stared at it for as long as I could and it didn’t budge. I could just feel this alpha apex predator energy coming from it that was extremely heavy and intense. That was the first time that I stared into the eyes of something that wanted to eat me and kill me, and it changed me. It pretty much broke my fear of anyone or anything.

If you could work with any artist in the industry dead or alive, who would you work with?
That’s a good question. I’d say It would have to be between The Weeknd, Tupac, and Jadakiss. All three of them were heavy influences on me coming up. I battled depression for years so I could just resonate with the pain that The Weeknd would pour out in his music. It’s a big reason why I decided to even use music as a form of therapy for myself. But I always told myself that my first feature would be with him so I plan on keeping that promise to myself. 

As far as Pac, we think the same on a lot of levels. He was a revolutionary figure before death row in my opinion, and I feel like I could be the same thing for my generation. Speak on the truth, wake people up, call attention to the real, give a voice to the voiceless, and still make bangers that slap in the club that isn’t poisoning the minds of the people. I could only imagine the type of message we could throw out on a track together. 

Jadakiss is just the goat though. He’s never made a crap verse, and every line hits. I think that listening to him all these years has caused me to rap the same way cuz everything I spit just punches and always has a message. I’ve grown to appreciate real lyricism thanks to people like him, so because of that, I’m always going to spit the real in every single bar you hear from me. I feel like doing a track with him would only cause me to elevate lyrically exponentially. That’s most definitely on the bucket list as well. I plan on doing a feature with all of my favorite artists eventually, so it’s in the mix.

For those who haven’t heard your music, describe it.
My music is what happens when everything you can relate to, every deep thought you’ve had but have never spoken, every traumatic experience you have had but have never been able to cope with, every time you were abandoned or done dirty, every night you’ve cried from the pain of chasing your dream, every real-life principle that you live by but people seem to have lost value for, and the word of God come together to create a voice for those who don’t have one to speak. Once my voice speaks to your spirit, you’ll understand why people come by the hundreds of thousands from all over the world to hear prophets speak.

What’s your vision for Prophet 10 years from now?
In ten years, I see myself fully embellished in my purpose. I won’t be working a 9 to 5 anymore, I’ll be financially free, I will have touched every continent and performed there, and I’ll be the best version of myself. Completely disciplined, at peace, and focused. My music will be playing worldwide and my words will be impacting the lives of billions of people. Unlocking the minds and feeding the spirits of everyone who takes the time to listen. I will have kept my promise I made to my grandma before she died, so I’ll have made enough money to set my family up for success as well as future generations. I’ll be considered one of the greatest artists to ever bless the mic, and I’ll be in everyone’s top 5 no matter what genre of music they like. I’ll live up to the name “Prophet” by continuing to only spit the truth to the people while allowing them to know the real me. God’s word will resonate through their headphones. On top of all that, when I take a second to look back at it all, I’ll smile knowing that I did it all on my own. 

To learn more about Prophet, follow his journey on Instagram @godsprophet20. 


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