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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!! 

Love is so dope, and Valentine's Day is one of those days that we pay homage to how great it is. For some of us we don't have a date, and that's okay. Because guess what!?!? The SistaGurl team is your Valentine. We love y'all so much that we dedicated this day, to positive energy, and written expressions of love! 

We hosted a LOVE IS DOPE spotlight on our social media pages where POETS all around the US, submitted poems to us to exalt the day. 

Please check out these authors, and feel free to share with ALL OF YOUR LOVED ONES. 

Neroamee Alucard 
I can't feel so I tried to touch
I grabbed the tree and found only air
I held fruit in my hand only for it to rot then and there

I looked into the sky, blue and vivid
The colors drained as this was written
Then I reached for you
I felt hope and walls built strong over years of disappointment began to erode
It's almost as if life didn't choose me for yet another practical joke
The color returned to the sky and flutters had come back to my heart
Feelings came back, with plenty of room to spare
Now, it seems. I can truly care.

Lyrical Paradigm 
Dear Future Husband
I know sometimes its hard to find the words you want to tell me, truthfully, I too am not that great at telling, even with all the nouns I know by heart, where to start becomes just a little to far, so I won't write you poetry
I won't recite lyrics that you already know from me no metaphors, no similes, no dictating,
instead I rather just tell you in actions,
Minus all the acting, show you in fractions, because every little bit counts, down to the smallest ounce of intention, I won't rely on silly phonetics to display what I say,
besides who listens to hearing anyway
my mother always said that seeing is believing,
and believing is what my hoping,
hopping greedily in to knowing, I know there is wisdom in having survived the test of time,

I know there's there is loving in having tested minds, besides, who wants to be stuck behind a disguise, I only want you to see the real thing,
get a clear vision of what real meansand be willing to jump head first with out fearing, there really is nothing to be afraid of,
there's a different kind of beauty in the roughness of the ways we make love,
 even coal had to take a little pressure to become what diamonds are made of,
and there are not enough words to describe our endless measures
no equation to divide our blended textures,
it wont be hard to add up what we subtracted to distract us,
but don't look back love,
Because we'll be seasoned with more than just salt pillars,
We'll be perfected to taste, no preservatives or fillers,
 we'll share a classically organic dynamic,
and all that shit behind us, let the past have it,
let it be another mans treasure to find,
consume their time, while only thoughts of we consume mine,

I can see past the wall you build to hide
and I'll be patient working on it one brick at a time,
I wont give up when it gets hard either,
I got the tenacity of ten men in just one little finger,
but you just wait and see,
and please, when you tell me your dreams,
don't forget to tell me the things that hurt you,
the little shit that irks you,
these are the things I wanna help you work through,
there is nothing we cant solve together
and I really mean anything, whatever,
if it can get bad, please believe it can always get better,
and I promise never to give you a reason to question my loyalty,
don't ever wonder if I appreciate you,
for me its real easy to give you kingdoms to bow down to your royalty,
you will never have to assume your purpose, 

I met God when I met you with certainty,
so don't become stressed with worrying,
because I have you covered,
You'll find safety in the lines of my sheets for comfort
read between them,
understand their meaning,
give them power in aloud reading,
because they can only manifest in your speaking,
and I will always have a prayer with your name on it
fill it with myself when i say it,
seal it with a kiss for protection from Heru,
from the (a)mun in me to the (a)she in you,
and no, 

I won't write fairy tales,
instead tell tales of your totem,they way you were molded,
the strength of your shoulders,
the beauty from the eye of this beholder,
you will have no choice but to live forever
and there will be no punch lines nothing overly cleaver,
I will just show you what I know,
reflect the god in you in my growth,
constantly pledge you in oaths,
just one heart and one soul and one mind and one breath,
And whatever comes next comes next, I don't plan in regrets,
Only falling asleep on chests, and being right by your side if things ever go left,
Just know I'm prepared to take it,
I'm willing to fight with you till we make it,
And we'll make it,

That's just something I know,
I just have the hardest time finding the words,
I promise,
I won't write you poetry....

Aliyah Young 
I am an angel. I don’t belong here trapped in his fury. Standing with his feet on my heart.
Big brown eyes on his beautiful face. Soft, pink lips smooth talking me into submission. Strong, firm hands on my body. Tall, slender frame loving on mine.
I am an angel. I don’t belong here trapped inside of the insecurities this “love” has planted with him. I smell something. It isn’t pleasant. He says it’s just rain.
How am I hurt yet intrigued? Love. Is it dysfunction? That’s what I feel around him. I look at him and he demands respect. A walk of true grace. Swooning me into submission.
I am an angel. I don’t belong here burning inside of his fury. The color of what’s pouring down on me doesn’t match the color of rain. Still, he says it’s raining. I believe him.
Selfish. That’s what I call him when he’s giving away the sweetest things he’s ever given to me to another woman.
Hopeless. In love I am with a man that was once mine except he’s not solely mine anymore. Not how I want him to be. Infidelity infiltrated into every part of this relationship.
I am an angel. I don’t belong here fighting for my breath, my life, my love, burning in his fury. He won’t take his feet off of my heart or his hands from my body. I know what’s pouring down on me. Piss. But him, he said it’s raining. I don’t believe him.
Free me from this dysfunction. I am an angel. I don’t belong here trapped in his fury.

Sierra Pepin

Me, admiring them

Their song Feels like their hand
Cradling one side of your neck
their mouth
the other.

Vibration of their voice elevating you
Bringing you Home
the same time.

is their Instrument.
Their talent is their Corazon negro.
in the way it Pulses,
in the way it Beats
for our people
to a metronome rhythm.

While mine,
it Beats
at the Sight of their

that Grows from the
Roots of their Locs
to the bottom of their Soles
as they March
the Holy ground
of our Ancestors.
is a Tap that adds to their beat.
Curve of their Brown skin



I want,
is to be their
To be your Muse.

The one you
Create for.
The one you
Create with.
The one you
Because of.

And I didn’t know I wanted it.
I Wanted it
until you said
Good Morning.

I’ve never heard someone make a
Simple salutation
sound like a
Maya Angelou
“hey baby”
sound like
Nikki Giovanni.

As the syllables
fall off of your lips
upon my ears,
I realize,
that I am standing
in front of
That is both

who is
times two.
of the most High
and of Everyday Actions
all wrapped up
in their being.


quite frankly,
is my

You have my heart on lock cardiac arrest
Like Sanford with one hand on my chest
The other to heaven reaching to the one to be with
Yelling your name because you’re my Elizabeth
Telling u baby I’m coming home
Without you I cant do this alone
Two right people living in a world so wrong
Found peace amongst chaos when you came along
Without you my heart always skips a beat
Saying I miss you like a broken record on repeat
Our love pumped this dull heart full of adrenaline and ecstasy
You gave my life a much longer expectancy
Everywhere I go there’s a seat for two because I want you next to me

At Night I Dream About You and Me.
As night goes on I dream about us,
Having the perfect relationship that you’ve ever had,
Being that protection that creates intimacy,
That certain moment in life that makes you laugh.
As night goes on I dream about us,
The certain type of game that we play,
The art that we create the madness other’s can’t understand.
In a moment or fraction of a second what? There goes that great smile of yours.
As night goes on I dream about us,
Many, many, many, times I’ve laid awake at night just thinking about how it will be in a relationship with you.
Relationship: is a composite of things or involvement put together to make some person want them more.
Real: being honest with yourself and others too!
Ship: love that you have for this person that makes you believe that you’ve been floating on river of love and you don’t won’t this ship to stop,
As night goes on I dream about us,
The different concern that you may have for us and yourself,
Hoping to put all your concerns out of your mind,
As night goes on I dream about us,
Just trying to make it through the night.

We hope you enjoy reading these, because we love them all. For additional information about the writers please email at or Have a WONDERFUL DAY! 


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