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2021 - Make a wish, take a chance, and break-away

By Capt. SistaGurl.

Normally, by now you would have heard a New Year message from me. I must be transparent. I've written the New Year message to all my SistaGurl and men of distinction, SEVERAL times. None of the messages quite hit the mark. So I'm going to try this one off the dome. 

Whatever comes out today, is in of essence what should be said, and what is necessary from the soul of my art as a creative. So I shall take a deep breath, and deliver something that is meaningful to not only me. But to you as well. Not because it's going to sound perfect, but simply because it's what's required of us. 

There are a couple of words that my subconscious gave me over the last several days that have been brimming through my mind. So that's how we'll start this message. 

Here they are: 


While like many of us, I tried every attempt to completely banish the memory of 2020 out of my life henceforth from now until forever. It's just not practical or logical to do so. I believe firmly that 2020 was the year that I, in all 37 years of my personhood, grew the hell up. I believed myself to be mature and functional in my adulthood, but there has never been in a time when all things were brought to my attention so doggedly. 

I know I'm not the only one. We have all endured, and experienced changes that we never knew to be possible in 2020. The memes tell us, and so does psychological analysis, that the long-term effects of this year will be felt, economically and in our personhood for decades. 

There is no way around it. We can't let it go. So, let's not try to pretend that it never happened. That we didn't lose the people we lost, that we didn't struggle the way we did. That there literally wasn't a breakdown in everything that we thought we were. Some of us did feel lonely more than we've ever been. Some of us did question where our life would go next. And there were also some of us who THRIVED and feel completely guilty about it because we're supposed to believe that the year where the world grieved itself, is just supposed to be all bad. 

Let me be the first to say, if you had a great year, in your business, if you found love this year if you triumphed, applaud and celebrate it.  Don't allow people to have you feel bad for having done remarkable things. GO HEAD AND FEEL GREAT! You've earned the right to. 

There's no shame for you here. I want you to utilize that energy to give something back that's going to be better for all of us. SistaGurls, last year I accomplished so many things that a decade ago, I would never believe to be possible. In tandem, I lost loved ones, and distant family/extended family, that I also grieved for. But within that, a KILLED 2020. Just as I said. I did feel bad about it for a while because so many people around me were in a bad way. But I did what I claimed to do and in an exceeding and abundant fashion. That.. within itself is why I'm even able to speak to you right now. 

I must also be transparent in saying that while I killed 2020, I missed the mark on a lot of things that I ultimately could have done better with. That's the plan for 2021. Simultaneous improvement and accountability. Do both, to become more of who you need to be for yourself, as well as others. 

The power that we hold within ourselves is less about how much we can deadlift, and more about our courage to endure, the efforts that we make, and our willingness to break away from the things that do not serve us well. There's your power. That's how you achieve more, that's how you give more. Simply being brave enough to be a DO-er. 

I'd love to give you a message that tells you exactly which steps to choose first, this is not that post. I can simply encourage you to be better than you were yesterday. To lean into the promise of who you planned to be for your younger self, to fiercely devote yourself to ACTIONS. To ask for forgiveness instead of permission. 

Don't wait on another global pandemic to have "Me Time". Don't wait for another loss to value the people that are around you. Don't wait on the perfect meme to motivate you into someone that you can be proud of. Choose right now. Give your soul room to soar into the destiny of your choosing. Claim your power. 

And above all else. Have a HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR. 

We will always be here for you. 

It is with love and humble esteem that I provide this message. I hope it gives you a renewed sense of purpose and it gives you a jolt of energy to help you thrive. Be well. Stand in your light. And stand up for you. 


Capt SistaGurl 


  1. Well said. You said so much that reveals the emotions behind the words. It has been a difficult year with blessings woven in. So Laura let’s thank God for seeing us through and let’s have a Happy New Year!


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