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Treat Yourself Guide : The Shapeshifting Body Shaper Edition

By Laura Miller

The body shaper industry annually grosses approximately  1.9 Billion Dollars in 2020. It’s clear that we are purchasing them, but what is not clear is if we forget to put them on for Instagram posts? I have seen many of photos on Zuckerberg's internet, that just leave me baffled, on both the male and female side, where I'm left with asking the question, if humans forget that latex, spandex, and polyester blends, flatter NO ONE.

Y’all…shapewear is vital for any sized human. There are some dresses that absolutely need to be smoothed out. 

As passionate as Monique is about those bonnets, I am right there on these bodyshapers.  Confidence is wonderful, but how you wear what you wear determines how you are perceived publicly.

Nobody wants to be accused of being pregnant when they're not, no one wants to feel cute at an event, and then see the tagged photos on social media and be like "whaaaaa"???

Wear whatever dress, wear whatever high waist pants you like, but please, keep your FUPA out of my timeline and into some shapewear.  That got serious for a second, and I do believe that the spirit of a very gentile southern woman hopped in my body. Don't be alarmed, this happens often. If you are convicted by the words I'm saying, allow me, to show you an example of when I just could have done better.

Exhibit A.

I'm at an event with all my friends, extremely poised in my networking prowless, taking pictures, being congenial, etc etc. As I'm on my way home, I look at some of the photos that were taken at the event, and get a load of that KOALA POUCH! Completely ruined all the wolly swagger that I was giving. I had on a body shaper, but it was.. not the right one. CLEARLY.

Me. My Koala Pouch & Rendel Solomon. Hey Rendeezy. 

So, in an effort to please my grandma, in this "Treat Yourself Guide", I'm including some shapewear brands that we can dig into.

1. Pots of Honey - Tittie City Revolution

First up, less of a shaper but more of a freedom fighter because ladies, sometimes you just don't want to be in a bra right? Unleash those babies without actually, letting them loose. I interviewed the founder of Pots of Honey this year, and I have to say, she's onto something here. Check out the interview if you want to know more about her, but head on over to to get to know this tittie tape, in your skin tone, that won't break the bank! Right now you can purchase tittie tape for 17.99. Imagine, you can be lifted and free from the pain of the underwire.. right now y'all. 

2. This brand, I do have the biker body shaper of, but I'm choosing to highlight them because I've never seen a more persistent email campaign. Well, next to FashionNova, but that's more like stalking. Shapermint on the other hand, keeps the vibe cool, and the shapers are really nice. My favorite part about the one that I have from them is that they're not binding .. but you can still EAT with them on. They've currently got a up to 70% off sitewide, so you can get a real good one before NYE if you hurry up and order. 

3. The last one, we've seen all over the internet. I have no idea how the product is, but they must have invested a LOT in marketing and social media, cause they're everywhere. I was able to confirm that "whatsawaist " is black-owned, and the visual results do seem to be promising. The website also comes with a "What's my Size" page,  I am sure you've purchased a waist trainer or body shaper that was either too small or too loose, so that's very helpful. If you're already a part of the "waist gang society" please let me know your results as well. 

Alright ladies, hopefully, you enjoyed storytime. If you've got any other brands you normally buy in the undergarment categories, let me know, we'd love to hear about them. Stay tuned for the next post within the SistaGurl Blog's: Treat Yourself Guide! 

Chat Soon! 

LM - Capt SistaGurl 


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