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R&B Groups Died and our teens are in trouble

By Capt SistaGurl
Ladies and gentlemen of the black delegation we have something that needs to be addressed. While watching the New Edition biopic I noticed that at this present day and age there is a shortage of black male R&B groups. Every generation has had their fair share of boy bands and r&b supergroups to fawn over. Teens are currently growing up in an unusual space. Slow jams just don't hit the same, and truthfully speaking I think we all know it.

Screaming over an R&B group or duo is a right of passage for adolescent girls. Take a look at the legions of fans of One Direction, K-Pop bands, and the Jonas brothers. Unfortunately, R&B in itself has had a major facelift over the years, and it’s not the same as before. Sure there are singers but those singers aren’t marketed to the tween audience.
Being an 80s baby my list of boy bands were EXPANSIVE literally in every category. We had Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Mint Condition, BBD, Dru Hill, Silk, Shai, H-Town, Immature, Next Jagged Edge, 112, on the pop side, Nsync, 98 degrees, LMFAO, Backstreet Boys, and like 100 others. No exaggeration. Nearly 100 hundred others.
I truly believe that there’s something special about R&B. Most importantly I believe it’s VITAL for a young girl’s future dating choices. With all of the acts I noted above, each group was perfectly crafted to ensure that each girl had options to choose from, bad boy, the goofy one, the athletic one, the lover, and so on. With the absence of singing groups especially singers of color, these young girls have no option but to accept what’s available.

What’s left? A few r&b singers that carry rapper personas and a bunch of rappers with more hair color than us paired face tattoos. Art often imitates life, so what kinda guys are the next generation of girls going to choose? Who is hollering at her in the mall? (Do we still go to the mall?) .

It’s time for an R&B resurgence for no other reason than these young girls need to know what it sounds like to be wooed by a complete stranger. Yes, I'm aware of how strange that sounds, but hear me out.

Every generation before this one was blessed with a long legacy of R&B supergroups. I firmly believe it's one of the things that keeps the world positive! Especially people of color! The melodies, the super matchy suits, the color coordination, and the swagger is enchanting.

Say what you want about millennials but at this rate, we’ll be THE last ones that have any idea what love songs even sound like. Love songs are like a lifeline to the dreamy young adolescent. It also helps young boys too. What kinda game are they kicking with the music we have now? “Hey shawty what that mouth do? “ We are in times of peril ladies and gentlemen.

The Millennium Tour (aka Scream Tour) revamp is cool for our generation but our beautiful black and brown girls need some young boys to scream at it too!

Love and Light SistaGurls! 


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