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If Mariah Carey Can Start Christmas Early So Can SG - 2022 Holiday Gift Guide Starts Now

Good Morning or Evening Friends, 

This is your friendly announcer (Stevie Wonder) voice. This year, much like many others, I've had the luxury of being introduced to amazing brands that I feel the world should know about. If not the world, at least our SG community. Every year we host a Holiday Guide to ensure that brands who don't have the budget or access to marketing, publicity, and the typical price tag of a Holiday Gift Guide in a large-scale media magazine. Because how are you supposed to spend $3-10k on a gift guide and still prepare for inventory? Yeah, Nah, we're good over here. 

Furthermore, receiving press is nearly impossible if you don't already have it. We charge a very small fee here to HOST your passion projects/businesses and hopefully help move the needle for your upcoming year in the black. Our followers look forward to this gift guide every year because we cater it to the needs of the consumer as well as the product owner. And, we try to make it fun for everyone involved. 

Last year, a gift guide brand received 10 orders while she was still interviewing, a radio placement and networking opportunities to meet other business owners. All that .. for a little bit of money. 

We also were lucky enough to tie in some behemoth brands who were happy to be a part of the guide. 

That was the pitch, here is the roundup. 

We are looking for all kinds of brands, anything that a person could buy on amazon, in our minds, should be shopped with you first. So whether you're an author, a wellness brand, an apparel line, or you sell coaching services, SOMEBODY PROBABLY NEEDS TO KNOW YOU AND DOESN'T. 

The rules are pretty simple, you must have a functional website or e-shopping site so we can route our readers to you and a small fee for our time in creating this awareness for you. We're talking about over 15k readers a month and we're barely on here #blessed. 

The retail value is bananas, and our post reach is modest (10k monthly average on Facebook and IG), but our followers dig a deal. So if you have discount codes you'd like to provide, we welcome them. Also, if you really want to sweeten the deal, a lot of brands provide us with product samples to be administered within our contest giveaways. 


Alright, so boom. The cost to be featured in the guide is $50. THAT'S IT. To be showcased in a live interview by Capt SistaGurl on her Facebook Live and IG pages and the gift guide itself is $100. 

If you're an author, the cost is the same unless you want us to give you a book review and that's $150, which includes your own separate post, and placement in the guide. 

So let's ensure that Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and our umpteenth shopping days are bigger and better with our help. 

DEADLINE - In a perfect world we'd let everyone submit today, but November 20th is our target. We are flexible on this deadline, but to secure your spot, we recommend you move EXPEDITIOUSLY - T.I. Voice! 

I WANT IN - Cool, we're so glad. Please send us an email with your product description and website, and the teir structure you want, (Gift guide only, Gift Guide and Live Interview, Gift Guide Author, Gift Guide Author & Interview. Gift Guide Author Review) to We will respond within 24 hrs and we welcome referrals to your friends. 

Let’s get those shopping carts filled!  

Love and Light, 

Capt SistaGurl

Laura Miller 


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