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2023 Plan Less Live More

By Capt SistaGurl, 

Now, before you tell me how hard you worked hard on your vision boards hear me out. Now of course I think it’s important to envision and implicate goals for the year, however lately I’ve been struggling with the idea of our life’s outline. 

When writing a book, the easiest way in my opinion to complete the work is to organize each idea by chapter. So if you get stuck in one place, you can review your outline and say, "Well, I’m unsure about chapter five right now, but ideas are running more fluidly for Chapter 8." You can do this because you’ve already written a small synopsis of these chapters so you know what’s going to happen. 

In my mind, there are a few differences between creating a novel, and our everyday life, but not very many. There are developmental phases, parts that we are really excited about, and there are instances in which we just get stuck. Much like life. But in real-life experience, we tend to lament the chapter we are stuck and allowing us not to move forward with the parts we know. 

For example, if you are reading this right now, and are BROKE, moving towards the being a better friend chapter can seem impossible. When In reality two things can occur at the same time. You can not be where you are financially, and you can also show up for the people who need you. Why? Because in life we are always more than one thing. 

Our personal outline for our life can wear us down, especially when you add your day-to-day pressures and your internal reactions to the things you view on social media, the news, and other environmental distractions. 

So as we step forward to another year, I want us to encourage the duality of thought, you can struggle and still love, you can feel stuck and still keep coming, you can feel sadness and seek help, all these things can happen at once. 

All in all,  I want us to think about our outline and personal expectations of ourselves with fresh eyes. I want us to be more vulnerable with our efforts to treat ourselves better. If the life path you’ve planned for yourself, or the one that was planned for you by other people is presenting trouble for how you see yourself, THROW IT AWAY. 


  1. virginiaolive5@gmail.comJanuary 29, 2023 at 2:04 PM

    Who knew it was so simple! I appreciate the truth in what you’re saying. Really sometimes we get struck in ‘chapter 5’ and stay there to long. Have a great new year and keep moving through life intentionally, life is a journey. So pack lite!


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