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Bearded Black Brilliance

On a 94 degree fall day in Chicago today,  I woke up and immediately began to scroll down my facebook timeline. This is fairly normal behavior that I need to improve on. However, I noticed that nearly EVERY post was related to a new group called Beard Game Matters.

It's full of mostly black men with beards. That's enough for all you ladies to immediately exit this screen and beg for an add. Stick with me anyway! Single ladies, married ladies, and ladies whose relationship statuses are “complicated” jumped at the chance to swoon at the revived trend of masculine male sex appeal.

For just a few minutes..or maybe 2 hrs according to some, you will find that GOD is real by the pure majesty in which he has created some of the most handsome men in the U.S.
What I love most about this group is the fact that the owner Mike McMillan's social media branding has propelled him into a group membership of nearly 200k people. That is nothing to sneeze at!

I also love the fact that even on a social media platform, women receive an opportunity to celebrate the splendor of black men. Did I mention that they are mostly clothed? This is not a porn site, no grey sweats, or slow motion videos with them rubbing baby oil on themselves in the lavatory; black men are simply assembled to be treasured.
Who can be mad at that? I understand that the notion is merely superficial, but it's hopefully a resurgence of celebrating our men for their uniqueness. I firmly believe that media plays a massive role in what Americans, and those abroad see about black men, so a small change could breed results that we could never fathom.

Black men are beautiful, and we covet them, and the masses should take notice. not see this as an opportunity to find love in a hopeless place. I firmly believe that men this fine are not strangers to construction worker type cat calling. So just enjoy the view.

There is an intense need to exalt our men, and this is the place to honor the BEARDS. They are not nude, or in a towel rubbing oil on themselves! A lot of them are very well dressed, and they are mostly giving us just the top half of their physique.
Unfortunately, we live in a sex derived cultural mindset. In my opinion, the imaging is more problematic within black media and culture. Black men and women are still seen within Sarah Baartman and black buck constructs. So in order to see the individuality of our personhood, sometimes it is best to mimic the trend that these men are lending. Show less, receive more.

The pyramids were not built in a day, so I do not expect an immediate change. However, the many facets of black brilliance can and should be showcased in the same way.

Special disclaimer, the men showcased in this article are more than just handsome faces, they come vetted, and highly recommended! 

Live in your light Sista Gurls!

Capt SistaGurl out!


  1. Great read. It is a celebration of our men and our culture. Thank you for being a positive outlet.


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