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Big A#$ or Die Trying

By Jamika Bee.
Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass! Meet the new phenomenon in the Western culture these days. Now we all know men especially our Black men love a nice round, soft, peach shaped tush. However, it appears that men are losing their minds to get a "piece of ass." Along with the men going crazy, the women are damaging their bodies and disrespecting one another just to have this new body type the men are going crazy over.

What is the new body type? Well according to social media and high profile reality stars, the perfect female body has large and perky breast, a waist the size of a Barbie doll (literally), a derriere big enough to set a table of four, and thick thighs that don't touch. Beautiful, right? No, not in all cases. If you have to go get butt injections, or surgery specifically to redesign your body, this is not beauty. This now becomes a mental epidemic. An illness that breaks up happy homes, ruins relationships, destroys self confidence, promotes promiscuity, belittles women's worth and a distraction for both male and female.

As women we have not only the right but a duty to look our best. When you look good you feel good. However, when do we collectively as women say no, to patriarchal set standards of beauty. When we say no, we will not disrespect the creator by redesigning our bodies to hold the attention of man. Social media is a very popular platform where some women like to display the "goods."  In recent years, social media has exploded with women exhibiting compromising behavior. Just showing their asses, literally, begging for the attention of men across the world. While not all men are distracted by these women on social media. A lot of them are completely and halfheartedly distracted. Distractions that in some cases leads to infidelities, which can lead to insecurities among the women they were committed to. Ultimately leading to the destruction of sisterhood from the battle of men's attention.

Women are hurting worldwide. The pain of being a woman is so heavy that it is now lingering in the air. The mere fact that some women are exposing all of their goodies on such a large platform is a clear cry for help. This is a time to help heal one another. However, that becomes difficult if you as a woman feel threatened or spiteful towards another woman because of hidden insecurities. In an ideal world, we as woman should come together, sing Kumbaya, and drop man's ideal of beauty. But let's be real, that can not happen because there is too much jealousy, envy, and deceit amongst women. We have allowed men and their standards of beauty to divide us.

Now is the time to begin healing individually. Once we heal individually, collectively, we can be whole. For now the image of big booty naked women is what attracts a large population of our men. That does not mean we women who prefer our clothes on for social media should feel less than or threatened by other women. It means we can start the true healing now and set the standard of beauty for ourselves individually. Stand fearlessly and free in your beauty. Knowing you will not conform to the destruction of mutilating your body for the attention of anyone.  

Stay in Peace


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