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Learn how to have hard conversations about child sexual abuse - "Body Safety for Children: No Secrets” Review

By Laura Miller There is more than one way to tell a story.  As parents, educators, and mentors, it’s my belief that we owe them a certain level of the audacity of courage. There are several conversations while parenting that we never want to have. Namely, because there is hurt that we would never want them to receive. One of those incredibly uncomfortable conversations is related to body safety and sexual abuse.  Let’s be honest as much as we can about this subject. No adult wants their family to pass down this type of trauma. No parent who is a survivor of abuse wants to even consider that the world is still plagued by sexual abuse, human trafficking, or undue bodily harm to the next generation.  Unfortunately, studies are showing that this curse of intended pain has not unwaivered in affecting our children.  When we asked the Chicago native, and “ Body Safety for Children: No Secrets” author, Israeio Holloway, why she felt it was important to ask such an important question, here’s w

A Praying Mother's Book Review: Desperate for a Miracle

For men and women of the diaspora,  we know how charmed and protected our lives have been if we were gifted with a praying mother and a praying grandmother. But few ask the question, how do we pray?  How does one cope when our circumstances seem too insurmountable to handle on our own? When the bills are piling up, and our anxieties are high, and no one seems to answer the phone?  According to Ora Holloway, you must pray. Holloway, who is an ordained preacher, teacher, evangelist, author, psalmist, and prophetic intercessor, has experienced immeasurable loss, and prayed through every moment of it.  Prayer is especially paramount for those struggling with fertility and the loss of a child. Trying to conceive can be an impossible burden. Holloway gives us a look inside her years-long struggle with miscarriages and stillbirths, her thoughts of doubt,  and how normal it was to question GOD’s favor. While being faithful enough to keep trying and praying through it. She has lived a life wher