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Perk Up Buttercup

By Capt SistaGurl 

On the very worst days of our lives, we tend to revert to the lower versions of ourselves. “This is happening to me because I must’ve done something to deserve this. “ I’m being mistreated because I forgot to xyz. “

Fun fact: every action does have an equal reaction. However, all wrongdoing doesn’t necessarily stem from your poor deeds. It can often occur based on your poor mindset. 

Picture me saying this loud and reverently like Eric Thomas. Bad things happen to good people all the time, it’s not about what happened to you, it’s about YOUR behavior afterwards. (Y’all can hear him right?) 

Let’s proceed still in that voice, you get to choose how and if you will survive something.  You are granted the right to look at yourself in the mirror and say, man this sucks but I GOT ME, and I got this. I can and will overcome this. 

Back to my voice, you can also say nothing to yourself in that mirror, forgo it and showers, and wallow. I want to be clear every now and again a day of wallowing never hurt anyone. Further depression is an actual illness. 

But for a lot of us, the ability to just stop moving forward is an active choice. We tell ourselves that we have been victimized and live in the notion. 

AYE , fuck that! Acknowledge the hurt and disappointment and plan for better days, perhaps not today or tomorrow but I guarantee that your happiness does not extend at the end of your cellphone or tv remote. 

Why do you think trap music is so motivating? The process of selling dope isn't the reason but the intensity behind the belief.. It's another reason you find people pairing trap music with a helping of gospel. Same hope, different process. 

So while I am writing to you having a series of very troubling experiences, I know where I was and I certainly know where I'm going. And it's definitely not under this cloud. Cause after all, we stand in our light around here! 

Xoxo take care of yourselves y'all 


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