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Dear Troy - Is he into me, for real?

Dear Troy

Does a man show his interest in his actions or what he says? The issue is this guy always says he wants to be with this lady (my friend), but he never comes through. 

Is he really just soooo busy or does he have a "whole wife"? Lol, All Kidding Aside... HELP!!!!

Ms Really For My Girl This Time

Hey Ms. Really!!!

Yo sis, real talk... he COULD have a whole wife!! Men generally are very intentional about what they want. And a sign that a man may be preoccupied, be it in his mind, his house, or his bed, is his lack of commitment. Let me destroy a falsehood right now, MEN DO COMMIT!!!!

Men are the original FANS (short for fanatics)! We commit to sports teams, even when they lose all the damn time. We commit to jobs even if we don't like them. Men commit to work out regimens, that old chair, holey socks, and underwear... dad loved his hats... AND MEN PROPOSE AND MARRY WOMEN AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR KIDS TOO!!

And when a man is into a woman....woooooooooooo.... this MOFO will use 100% of his brain figuring out how to be with her TRUST & BELIEVE!!! I need all the women who have ever been fully pursued by a man who loved them to testify...for real for real!

So as always let me make sure I'm answering your questions:
  1.   Does a man show his interest in his actions or what he says? 
    Both actually. As I've stated, if a man is interested in you he will use all of his resources to show it. The more resources he uses, the more interested he is. Phone, text, email, come by, dinners, walks, video...not even Covid will keep him from you! (insert crooked Celie fingers here) 
    While no one is perfect, and as you get to know a guy more you'll get to see more of his human flaws, most men will let you know their intentions with you from the beginning. ( see my book 'But, Naked Honest' for more on this)
    There should never be a doubt if a man is interested in you. No matter whether he's bold or nervous, you'll know.

  2.   Is he really just soooo busy or does he have a "Whole Wife"?  
    Always ask him ladies, "ARE YOU MARRIED, SEPARATED, DIVORCED, DATING, OR BY-YO-SELF-SINGLE" just to be clear. If a man makes plans with you and always breaks them, you're not important to him. Say it again Troy!
    IF A MAN MAKES PLANS WITH YOU AND ALWAYS BREAKS THEM YOU'RE NOT IMPORTANT TO HIM! So if you stick around to be treated like shit then shit you will be. Remember ladies you determine your value, you determine your worth bY what you allow yourself to receive. What are you worthy of?

Men used to make songs about how they were never too busy...Literally!! Kenny Lattimore has a song called "Never Too Busy"! Babyface - "Soon As I Get Home From Work"! A real man can't wait to get home to a Good Woman!! Are you kidding me??!!

If a woman soothes a man's mind and loves him real good, shit, he'll tell his boys he can't make it tonight...every night damn near!

So I will boldly say, that this man, for whatever reason, is not that into her. Your friend should move on baby.

I hope this helps.

Until next time, take care
Luv Ya
Troy Rawlings


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