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November Already? Five tips to get through 2020

By Capt SistaGurl. 

It's the Sunday night before the 2020 Election. This year, was nothing short of chaotic. I sometimes laugh at my 2020 opening post. "Give less of a F&ck in 2020." It's crazy because I think 2020 gave less of a fuck about us! Go figure. I spoke so boldly, that I got the universe's attention. That's a joke, I know I'm not that powerful. But in all seriousness, if you're reading this post right now, you've survived ALL OF IT. 

If you've merely witnessed the changes in the privacy of your own home with few casualties, you're still not who you were when this year started. For better or for worse, you're different now. Isn't that what vision is about? Aren't we supposed to receive a new view? Learn new things, unearth parts of ourselves that we didn't know? If that's the symbolism of what the vision means in 2020, I think it's safe to say that we HAVE SEEN SOME THINGS. 

With two months to go in this year, and less than 2 days away from the most important election of our lifetime, we're going to see some more things. Before the gloom and doom, or light and celebration (please let it be light and celebratory), I want to share some of the things I've learned. 

1. Everything cannot be done in one day. There are just going to be days when you can't do everything. Your brain just won't want to look at another screen, answer another phone call, or do another 4th-grade math problem. Some days you'll just have to put it off until tomorrow. When that happens, try not to beat yourself up about it. People all across the globe are having a similar problem at the very moment you're experiencing it. 

2. This election will NOT be decided Tuesday. It's statistically impossible. Prepare yourself for this. The dark side of humanity might stay a while longer. Don't bait yourself into millions of hours of CNN updates, Twitter feeds, and local news coverage. As a journalist, I can tell you, this is our job, we're supposed to do this, doesn't mean you have to listen to it though. 

3. If Donald Trump is re-elected. You'll survive. If you're a person of color reading this, you know that you've struggled, or hustled regardless of who was in office. You will do what you need to do for you and yours either way. There are just some things, in this life, that isn't going to go in our favor. Again, get off social media, it might be a very scary place for a while. (Hell it's really scary every day.) 

4. Practice Gratitude. A very good friend of mine makes sure that every day he finds joy in small advances in the day. Someone lets you into a lane during bumper to bumper traffic on the expressway, express gratitude, you can afford your favorite beverage, feel grateful. The list, within any given day, is endless. Our minds have been patterned to believe that we should only enjoy the large wins, but the small ones do help. We've also been patterned to hone into the negativity that we're exposed to. Bad news travels fast and this year, we've received NO SHORTAGE OF BAD NEWS. For your soul, for your mental fortitude, please, exercise some gratitude. 

5. IF you start to feel anxious about what you accomplished this year, or what you didn't, don't.  A less realistic person will tell you that there is still time, and a more pessimistic person would tell you that this year is a complete wash. Guess what, I'm a little of both. So listen, whether you've conquered all your goals or not, you can most definitely begin planning 2021, and enjoying the things you can about your life RIGHT NOW. As you're reading this! 

Laugh a little! 

I'll be back on Tuesday, I'm not going to leave you guys for too long. In the meantime, find some joy in your TODAY, don't plan doom for tomorrow, and congratulate yourself for making it to level 11 OF JUMANJI. 

Love and light SistaGurls. 


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