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A very good friend of mine gave me some advice once. He said, "Laura, you know you get stressed over all these people and their problems. It's too much weight. GIVE LESS OF A F#$K. " At the time, I thought he was being extremely dismissive. Like he must not have heard what I was trying to say.  I had another conversation with a family member about a year later,  we were faced with an extremely dramatic family situation. It was then that my family member told me, " Laura, you will do nothing, you have too much to lose, focus on YOUR life. Seriously, do nothing."  SistaGurls, when I tell you, I could never be a "do nothing" person, please believe me. However, what he meant, was different from telling me to lose drive and ambition, it was more like STOP TRYING TO FIX EVERYTHING. Even the things that aren't your problem. Especially the things that aren't your problem!  I am very certain that a lot of you are like me, silent superheroes' f

SG's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Part 1!

By Capt SistaGurl and SG Team  Happy Holidays SG! Around this time of year. Magazines and bloggers around the globe clamor to feature their biggest and brightest Holiday Gift guides with much fanfare. However, larger markets rarely feature small businesses ran and/or operated by women, specifically women of color. Here at the SistaGurl, we wanted to make sure that when we decided to do a gift guide, it was going to be all about our femme-tastic melanin-laden sistas. It's very important to ensure that small businesses get the exposure that they deserve and we are loving these queens. (We have a few kings in here too.)  Skincare Skincare becomes increasingly more important as we age. Women of color have the luxury of having higher amounts of melanin, which gives us more protection from the sun and keeps our skin tighter and younger longer.  However, effects on the skin in the colder months can be unforgiving to even the deepest skin tones. Captain SistaGurl  received


On Friday, Dec. 7, 2018, I attended the World AIDS Day Chicago event sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation at Lacuna Lofts on the South Side of Chicago. The AHF is currently the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the U.S.  Per their website. AHF funds its mission to rid the world of AIDS through a network of pharmacies, thrift stores, healthcare contracts, and other strategic partnerships. Since the start of their organization in 1987, they have served and provided care for millions of people worldwide affected by the virus. The event was hosted by former "The Voice" contestant Sandy Redd, and DJ'd by music mogul-producer-pioneer Jermaine Dupri. (Yes, JD!) I covered the red carpet and spoke to them and other artists about the event and the organization. We discussed the impact that HIV/AIDS has had on Americans and the importance of philanthropy, advocacy and more. Check it out below! Sandy Redd Can you share what brought you to host World A