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The Laziness of saying "I Love You"

By Rapmusiq I'm in a relatively new relationship post divorce. I was hesitant to pursue a new relationship after losing myself in my last one. I was EXTREMELY guarded after my previous experiences.  My partner and I have yet to introduce regular 'I love yous' into our the romantic conversations. And because of this I have noticed a shift in our affectionate language. The lack of "I love yous" causes us to be far more descriptive and specific about the aspects of our character, personality and gestures that we genuinely enjoy about each other.  We say things like 'you have a beautiful spirit', 'you can do it', 'I really appreciate that you cooked for me'. We are both grown and have been through multiple serious long term relationships, which I believe causes us to have a strong reverence for the phrase.  I  say all that to say, no relationship is perfect (including and especially ours). However, I feel that there is a fo


I'm a God... By Jamika Bee Oh that Kanye! I think most of us can agree and say, Kanye says and does some wild shit. However, for me I can say he's onto something with this one. NOTE, my thoughts and perspective on this topic are my own. My intentions are not to influence yours but to share a dialogue. Now let's begin! So first ignore the fact that Kanye is Kanye and let's play devil's advocate here. Why would Kanye say, "I am a God."? What makes him think he could say such blasphemy? What is the literal definition of blasphemy? Well, blasphemy is the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk. The key word here is OFFENSE. Who is offended by what is said about God? The people? Or God? Or better yet did God tell "the people" he (or she) was offended?  Are they now God's messenger?  His "blasphemous" comment made people uncomfortable. So was he saying anything that took

The Sandra Bland Act-Why it is Offensive

We have said her name, we have asked for answers, and received very few. We have grieved with Sandra Bland’s family em-pathetically, to no avail. We watched as police in Waller County excused and covered up an aggravated arrest, a beating, and eventually a murder. The murder of a 28 year old BLACK WOMAN in which the authorities involved were not indicted or punished to the fullest extent of the law. No matter how much protesting was done, how many times we cried out for justice. It didn't matter how often we saw the face of her grieving family; nothing seemed to work. Now the Texas House Committee has passed a distasteful version of a bill that would actually hold law enforcement accountable for the treatment of minorities. You know Black People, Women, Latinos, and people suffering from mental Illness. All those people included when you hear an employer say, “We welcome diversity!”.  That’s who they mean. Here is the The Sandra Bland Act/SB-1849 caption text of the Bill:

The Minaj-Jones Wedding??

Nicki got bodied by Remy Ma a couple of months ago. We all watched in horror as she waited days and days to make a diss track. Some were displeased with the “No Frauds” track for the simple fact that she did not come for Remy alone.. She really didn't come for her at all. That is old news. Meek Mill is old news. Nicki Minaj had a plan, she always does but this time we weren't sure what it was.  A day ago on IG as rumors of her dating life had reached a faint life line; she shocked us with a photos of everyone's rap GOD. Nasir Jones (Nasty Nas, N.A.S., God's Son from Queensbridge, Sincere from Belly, #bae!).  Sista Gurls.. I AM HERE FOR THIS. Nicki did not come to play with you hoes!! SHE CAME TO SLAY. Adorned with a lustful lip bite Nas was hugged up with the Queen of the Barbs. Look at them. I am loving this!  Why? I love the possibility of love, and I love the potential calamity of rap royalty that this union could bring. Imagine this. Nas and Nicki on the