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Why the Death of DMX Hurts

By Capt SistaGurl Laura Miller DMX has always been a friend to the youth, specifically young black men growing up in the age of Hip Hop who needed someone to help explain the daily pain that they were experiencing. They had X in his edgy brilliance. He didn't walk around pretending to be someone he wasn't. He was someone who we’ve watched soar to the highest of heights and fall just as fast and hard.  Before DMX I don't think there was any rapper who had explained the pains of feeling abandoned better. He resonated with a generation of black males who were born in the '80s, '90s , and 00's UNLOVED. Our community often grazes over young black men in this way. Supported by no one but themselves. He touched them, and he also touched the women and men who understood this type of pain. His lyrics were true to who he was and who he would always be. A real ass dude trying to figure it out. Trying to understand the pressures of his celebrity. Navigating through The agon

Derrick Jaxn and What this is NOT about: HER

By Rapmusiq  This past weekend was a Fkboi holiday. Derrick Jaxn, emperor of telling ladies to value themselves and leave the Fkboi collective was caught cheating on his wife. The celebration was rife throughout social media. Memes and posts ensued from men and women alike who orgasmed off the shire hypocrisy of it all. The thing about Derrick Jaxn is that he did much more than encourage women to value themselves and not settle for less than they deserve in a relationship. He demonized black men in a way that felt deep and personal. He didn’t provide the space for nuisance, context, or the fact that life is messy and sometimes people (including and especially black men) are allowed to make mistakes and have second chances. He provided an extremely narrow and nearly impossible view of what it took to be a “good” black man worthy of YOU, a Black queen. It is for this reason, that so many were turned off by what we now know is his false internet persona. Nevertheless, the celebration of h

Has the success of others made you feel mediocre?

By Capt SistaGurl Hi friends!  Today as we near the end of another week, I want to talk about deflated excellence. For this definition let’s pretend that your excellence in full bloom is similar to a hot air balloon. Considering yourself soaring in the air, being limitless, being amazing. Over time, things happen to cause that ballon to descend a bit more by the day.  There you are, dropping closer and closer to sea level, having no real idea of how to get back to the clouds. That’s deflated excellence. But instead of it being a hot air balloon. Deflated excellence can look like a decrease in confidence, productivity, or overall good feeling. A person that once loved themselves like Kanye can quickly become Twitter Kanye in a matter of minutes.  I think we’ve all been there, but for some of us, the time we spend downtrodden can last longer. Consider this blog as your confirmation, of a few things. One, you are still as excellent as you once were, your confidence will ween over time, an

Love is Dope: Featuring Capt SistaGurl

New Magic By Capt SistaGurl The sky may fall to ruin, the earth may cease to spin,  but the risk of living my last day is worth  an eternity of life in the unknown.  Whatever the ancestors have chosen for us, destiny may fulfill it.  I feel you,  even when you’re away,  in the depths of my endings,  and the top of the world’s ceiling.  We may fall.   The world might end,  but it’s worth the moment.  To feel you, to need you,  to manifest the pureness of our energy.  Being so fearful that we are wrong, that we might blow the world up,  but what if we save ours?  Searching for new oxygen to save me I need to know now,  at this moment how the story ends,  beginning with one kiss.  Suspended in time,  into the brightness of forever,  clinging to the light in our souls,  that plague the darkness of our worry. One kiss from you is worth a lifetime never knowing.  Longing to bathe in new air catapulting ourselves in oneness and discovery of the what-if.  What if we form a new version of ma

Love is Dope 2021 - Featuring Nizm

Check out an archive performance from Nizm of his fan-favorite classic "Come Back Love "  Sometimes, love means letting go. Then there are times, when you're just not ready.  Thanks for this vibe Nizm!  Time travel with us, to a time where the world was open, and LIVE music was KING. 

Love is Dope 2021: Featuring Felicia Clark

Good Good By Felicia Clark I’ve never been one for sweets But you got that good good. The kind of love that makes me wanna holla... To wish you would... Your sweet kisses are like sugar Your eyes so mystique As you stare, I critique Your manliness  Crazy how you finesse  My heart right out my chest I wanna be within your grip Get high as I suck your lips Your hands on my hips Inhaling your aroma  Sure to give me a diabetic coma Too sweet My diet I will cheat Come on baby... we should... I so wish you would.

Love is Dope 2021: Featuring Lyrical Paradigm

The Trees By Lyrical Paradigm There were whispers in the unknowing She got lost in them Often finding trees in the forest She could hear them beating They would bend for her Encasing her in breathing She would listen for her name Wait patiently for her to be summoned Cradled her head against leaves The shiver of the breeze would soothe her These trees knew things She used their bark for cleansing They would know her skin as melody A tune she would maestro with her walk Horns in her right leg Strings in her left They would play concertos of her scent Weaved into branches She and the trees would find heaven on highs Contrasted darkness in backgrounds She would find centers in sap Drink from the star stuff Her voice drowned out by shimmers and twinkles The trees would sing for her Moving the horizons wayward Covering her tracks Keeping her wild by taming her She counted their rings to remember time the trees  she always saw the forest Don't you feel the vibes? If you want t